Track Guide

The following is a tour of the Waynesboro Branch based on the 1945 edition of the Pennsylvania Railroad CT1000 -- List of Stations and Sidings.

Click on the link of a location for more information (if available).

G50   Chambersburg, Pa.  Junc. Philadelphia Division - Cumberland Valley Branch
GA52  Burgner, Pa.  
   Brookside, Pa.  
GA 54   Woodstock, Pa.  
GA56  Fayetteville, Pa.  
GA57  East Fayetteville, Pa.  

 Pond Bank, Pa.

GA61 Ledy, Pa.  Conn. to Mont Alto Park Siding
GA62  Mont Alto, Pa.  
GA63  Knepper, Pa.  
GA64  Good, Pa.  
GA65  Quincy, Pa.  
GA65A  Orphanage, Pa.  
GA66  Nunnerym, Pa.  
GA68  Waynesboro, Pa.