Interchange Series

The Interchange series contains articles about railroads that interchanged with the Pennsy, including fleet statistics and paint schemes with era-appropriateness guidance. A few noteworthy or pertinent freelance model railroads are included.


Walter Haffner Company (WCHX)

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United Fuel Gas Company (SACX, VGOX)


Southern Alkali Corporation (SACX)

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Warren Petroleum Corporation (WRNX)


Continental Oil Company (CONX)

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Phillips Petroleum Company (PSPX)

See also, SHPX.


California Dispatch Line (CDLX)


Ethyl Corporation (EBAX)

RR 33019wl

Richfield Oil Corporation (ROX)

RR 33047w

Anchor Petroleum Company (ANPX)


Hooker Electrochemical Company (HOKX)