Interchange Series

The Interchange series contains articles about railroads that interchanged with the Pennsy, including fleet statistics and paint schemes with era-appropriateness guidance. A few noteworthy or pertinent freelance model railroads are included.


Kanotex Refining Company (KOTX)


Canfield Tank Car Line (CANX)


Stauffer Chemical Company (STLX)


Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation (JLSX)


Belcher Oil Company (EPX)


Cook Paint & Varnish Company (CPVX)

Publicker-Ward Distilling Co.

TIchy - Special run from the Susquehanna Division of the Mid Eastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association in 2017.

publicker ward


Gulf States Creosoting Company

Known correct for 1929:




RR 33054awl

Tidewater Oil Company (rendered as Tide Water Oil Company from 1887 to 1936) was a major petroleum refining and marketing concern in the United States for more than 80 years. Tidewater was best known for its Flying A–branded products and gas stations, and for Veedol motor oil, which was known throughout the world.


The Solvay Process Company (1880–1985) was a pioneer chemical industry of the United States in the manufacture of soda ash and a major employer in Central New York. The company was the origin of the village of Solvay.