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In order to portray Pennsylvania Railroad and interchange partners as accurately as possible, this blog contains articles which are essentially notes to myself, but are shared should the community desire the same information.

Articles are sorted by modification date, so if an existing article receives an update it will be presented at the top of the list again.


EMD SW / SW1, Class ES6

Road Numbers Qty Model Delivery HO Scale Models
3908 1 SW 8/37  
5910  SW1 8/42   
5944-5946 3 SW1 6/46  
5947-5951 5 SW1 6-7/46  
5952-5953 2 SW1 10/47  
5987-5999 13 SW1 3-4/48  
9137-9154 18 SW1 4-10/48 Walthers (9137)
10 SW1 4/49  
9396-9428 33 SW1 7-11/50  



Baldwin VO-660, Class BS6

Road Numbers Qty Delivery HO Scale Model
5907 1 3/42  
5908, 5909 2 10/42  
5932-5937 6 9-10/42  
5941-5943 3 10-11/45  Bowser (5941)


prr9456 mp

FM ERIE-A / B, Class FF20 / FP20 / FP20a

Road Numbers Qty Delivery HO Scale Models
9456B-9470B (even)
9472B-9476B (even)
6-7/48 Life Like Proto 10001 (9472A, 9472B, 9473A, 9478A)


9/48 Life Like Proto 10001 (9478A)
9480A-9491A 12A 9-12/48 Life Like Proto 10001 (9487A)
1 Model lacks Trainphone per prototype.


FM CFA / CFB 16-4, Class FF16

Road Numbers Qty Delivery HO Scale Models
9448B-9454B (even)
9492B-9498B (even)

9-11/50 Life Like Proto 1000 (9448A, 9448B, 9450A, 9452A, 9493A)

Alco S-1 and S-3, Class AS6

Alco S-1 and S-3 were the same, except for the trucks.

Road Numbers Qty Model Delivery HO Scale Models
5954-5956 3 S-1 5-6/47 Life Like Proto 2000 (5955)
9100-9103 4 S-1 2-3/49 Life Like Proto 2000 (9100)
9237-9246 10 S-1 3-5/49 Life Like Proto 2000 (9238)
5661-5670 10 S-1 5-6/50  
8873-8885 13 S-3 11/50-3/51  


PRR 8706

FM H16-44, Class FS16m

Road Numbers Qty Delivery HO Scale Models
8807-8816 10 4-5/52

Atlas (8807, 8809)

Bachmann (8809, 8810, 8815)


view 1

The Pennsylvania Railroad had operated a specially designed car constructed on a flat car. It's purpose was to accurately measure the distance above and/or adjacent to the tracks of bridges, tunnels, stations and rock cuts, etc.

The demaind for increased speed to shorten travel time in both present day industry and the business world has caused the railroad to provide more clearance for movement of equipment. The trend to larger equipment such as locomotives, passenger & freight cars and larger loads in open top cars has made the gathering of clearance information an area of growing importance. The Pennsylvania has spent millions of dollars to increase clerances for handling traffic. In the 1950s alone, the Panhandle Division tunnel project between Pittsburgh, Pa., and Dennision, Oh., cost over $8 million.


Lima 2500 HP Transfer Unit, Class LS25 / LS25m

Road Numbers Qty Class Delivery HO Scale Models
5671-5683 13 LS25 5-7/50  
8943-8951 9 LS25m 5-9/51  


Baldwin RT-624, Class BS24 / BS24m

Road Numbers Qty Class Delivery HO Scale Models
8952, 8953 2 BS24 7/51  
8954-8965 12 BS24m 8-11/51  
8724-8731 8 BS24m 9-12/52  
8113 1 BS24m 2/54  


I've visited the following Pennsylvania Railroad model railroads and consider them to have a high degree of fidelity to the prototype. They are not freelance, protolance, etc., but depict specific locales on the Pennsy based on historic documentation.

When planning to model the Pennsy during the post World War II era, there are certain parameters which you may or may not wish to consider when selecting a year (or years) to depict. Among them may be paint schemes, specific models of diesel locomotives, specific models of freight cars, etc.

The graph below illustrates when certain features of the Pennsy came into play, or faded into history.



The Alco PA1 is considered one of the most attractive passenger locomotives ever built.

Alco FA1 / FB1, Class AF15

Classified as AF15 on the Pennsy.

Road Numbers Delivery HO Scale Models
9600B-9603B (even)

Precision Craft Models (9600A, 9600B, 9601A, 9601B)

Life Like Proto 20001 (960A, 9603B)

9604B-9607B (even)
3-4/50 Life Like Proto 2000 (9605B)
1 Model lacks Trainphone per prototype.



Early Trailer Numbering -- 1954-1959

The trailer number was broken into three parts. The first two digits indicated the trailer length. These two digits were followed by an alphabet letter (C, E, or W). The sig-nificance of the letter is unknown. The letter was followed by numbers indicating the trailer number. Thus trailer 32E250 is a 32’ trailer numbered 250.