"The Penn Family Lines" is a consortium of model railroads created by Robert Martin (deceased). Participation in The Penn Family Lines is open to any regular operator from Bob's Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) whose roadname contains "Pennsylvania".


The Central Pennsylvania Railroad

The Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) was created by Bob Martin in 1973. The concept of the CPRR is that it is a privately owned railroad located in Central Pennsylvania with very close ties with the PRR. So close that the CPRR logo is the PRR keystone and the CPRR uses PRR locomotives and other equipment and the PRR has unreimbursable track rights on the CPRR.

The CPRR has entered into an operating agreement with the Western Maryland Railway and uses several pieces of WM equipment.

The CPRR generates and receives a considerable amount of freight traffic, operates local passenger train service, and is a bridge route for freight and passenger and freight traffic.

Locomotive Roster
 Num  Model Successor Assignment
 25  2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
 26  Gas Electric J. Mooney
 27   2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
 28  2-8-0 Consoidation D. Trone
37 EMD E7A C. Kadyk
 51  Alco S2 W. Francesco
52  Alco S1  
53  EMD SW9 D. Trone
54  EMD SW7  
57  EMD SW9 D. Trone
70 EMD GP9 D. Rohrbaugh
71  EMD GP7  
071  EMD GP7 M. Markle
72  EMD GP7  
73  EMD GP7  
073  EMD GP7 M. Markle
74  EMD GP7  
75  EMD GP7  
075  EMD GP9 White Rose Hobbies (dummy)
76  EMD GP7 M. Kaiser
77  EMD GP30  
78  EMD GP7 W. Francesco
078  EMD GP9 White Rose Hobbies (dummy)
79 EMD GP9 D. Rohrbaugh
 85  Alco RS-1 D. Trone
87  Alco RS-11 D. Trone
88  Alco RS-3  
89  Alco RS-3  
89  EMD F7A  
90  EMD F7A D. Trone
91  EMD F3A J. McConkey
91B  EMD F3B J. McConkey
92  EMD F7A T. King
93  EMD F7A T. King
94  EMD F7A  
95  EMD F7B  
99  EMD F3A  
99  EMD F7A  
99B  EMD F3B  
199  EMD F3A J. Britton
199B  EMD F3B J. Britton
2196  EMD GP30 C. Potter
2671 EMD ????? D. Trone
8638  EMD SW7 C. Kadyk


The South Penn Railroad

The South Pennsylvania Railroad (SPN) was created by Dave Rohrbaugh.

 South Penn Railroad Condensed Roster
 60 series  Diesel, Switchers
 7100 series  Diesel, Road Switchers
 100 series NM Caboose
 1-4  RS Reefers, "Izzie's Diner"
 200 series  RS Reefers
 300 series  LO Hoppers, Covered
 2300 series  XM Box Cars


The West Penn Railroad

The West Penn Railroad was created by Dave Trone.

The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad

The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad (PMRR) was created by Jerry Britton.

The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad

The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad was created by Charles Kadyk.