Supervisor and Freight Agent

Reporting to the division superintendent, the supervisor is the railroad's executive at the local level. Interfaces with other crew and operators as needed, performing all necessary supervisory functions.

Supervisor 43, "LEWISTOWN", covers the main line from milepost 156.0 to 186.5, including the Denholm coal wharf, the Lewistown station, and WALL and LEWIS interlockings; the Lewistown Secondary; and the Milroy Secondary.

The Freight Agent collects car requests from online customers and forwards waybills to the Lewistown Yardmaster.

LEWIS Operator

Manages main line traffic through LEWIS interlocking via simulated CTC machine. Communicates with crews via signals and lineside telephones. Manages branch traffic via magnet board. Maintains the Tower's Record of Trains.

Main Line Crews (4)

Each of the mainline crews operates trains on an assigned track(s), executing a prototypical schedule. These are "rail fan" positions and may be automated by JMRI if the position is unfilled. A seasoned crew may be capable of holding both Main Line Crew #1 and Main Line Crew #4 positions concurrently.

Lewistown Junction Yardmaster

Yardmaster of the Lewistown yard. Directs yard crews and engages in subordinate's work as needed. Receives empty car orders and waybills from Freight Agent; assigns freight cars accordingly. Orders empty cars from Altoona/Enola as needed. 

Lewistown Junction Drill Crew

Classifies and builds trains at the direction of the Yardmaster.

Services customers within the Lewistown (LX) limits.

Lewistown Secondary Turn and Furnace Branch Siding Turn Crew

Turnaround service for the Lewistown Secondary, operating out of Lewistown Yard, within the Lewistown (LN) limits. 

Turnaround service for the Furnace Branch Siding, operating out of Lewistown Yard via the Lewistown Secondary, within the Lewistown (LN) limits.

Milroy Secondary Turn and Naginey Stone Turn Crew

Turnaround service for the Milroy Secondary, operating out of Lewistown Yard via the Lewistown Secondary, exclusive of the Standard Steel Turn and the Stone Turn.

Turnaround service for the quarry at Naginey, operating out of Lewistown Yard via the Lewistown Secondary.

Burnham Steel Turn and Standard Steel Crew

Turnaround service for Standard Steel at Yeagertown, operating out of Lewistown Yard via the Lewistown Secondary.

Internal switching at the Standard Steel Plant in Yeagertown/Burnham.

Everett Yardmaster - Pennsylvania Midland

Manages and operates main line traffic via simulated prototype dispatching system.

Operates Everett Yard.