Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

Lewistown Secondary Switcher

Local service for the Lewistown Secondary, operating out of Lewistown Yard. 

SCENARIO ONE: Switch all non-freight station cars in Lewistown and on Furnace Branch Siding per waybills.

SCENARIO TWO: Move LCL cars from station to yard at beginning of shift. Move LCL cars from yard to station at end of shift; specific spotting required.


None at this time.

Special Instructions

  • Yard limits are inclusive of Water Street, the Furnace Branch Siding, and Chestnut Street (visible).
  • Within yard limits, movement clearance is not required but movements are limited to restricted speed with the ability to stop short of obstacles or conflicting traffic.
  • Blue flags shall be implemented on all freight station sidings after car placement until car pickup. 

Key Tasks and Times

Time Task Notes
7:00 a.m. S-70 departs to Selinsgrove Provide clearance
10:30 a.m. STON-1 departs to Naginey Provide clearance
TBD Milroy Turn departs to Milroy Provide clearance
TBD Steel Turn departs to Yeagertown Provide clearance
Time Task Notes
4:00 p.m. S-71 arrives from Selinsgrove Provide clearance
6:30 p.m. STON-2 arrives from Naginey Provide clearance
TBD Milroy Turn arrives from Milroy Provide clearance
TBD Steel Turn arrives from Yeagertown Provide clearance
TBD Pickup LCL cars from freight station and return to yard 13 cars
TBD Place LCL cars from yard to freight station 13 cars