Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

Reporting to the division superintendent, the supervisor is the railroad's executive at the local level. 

Supervisor 43, "LEWISTOWN", covers the main line from milepost 156.0 to 186.5, including the Denholm coal wharf, the Lewistown station, and WALL and LEWIS interlockings; the Lewistown Secondary; and the Milroy Secondary.

The Freight Agent collects car requests from online customers and forwards waybills to the Lewistown Yardmaster.

Duties During Operating Sessions

  • Interfaces with suborindate crew and operators as needed
  • Performs all necessary supervisory functions
  • Oversees and performs emergency maintenance

Duties Between Operating Sessions

  • At each switching area, move all car cards from Inbound bin to Hold bin
  • At each switching area, selectively move car cards from Hold bin to Outbound bin
  • Generate new empty car requests from online customers and forward to Lewistown Yard
  • Fill empty car requests per orders from Lewistown Yard; provide via intradivisional trains indicated below
  • Restock beverages

Additional Duties Between Scenario 1 and Scenario 2

  • Re-stage S-70 as S-71 (Northumberland)
  • Re-stage M-23 at Mount Union as M-19 at Newport (Staging 4-2)
  • Re-stage M-27 as M-26 (Staging 2-6)
  • Re-stage M-9 for next eastbound run (Staging 3-4)

Additional Duties Between Scenario 2 and Scenario 1

  • Re-stage M-18 at Newport as M-22 at Mount Union (Staging 1-1)
  • Re-stage M-16 for next westbound run (Staging 2-1)
  • On train 2, the Pennsylvania Limited, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 1-2)
  • If train 3 was run, the Penn Texas, rotate last sleeper in consist for next run (Staging 4-4)