Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

cropped PRRdepotLewistownPA062451rp1

A selection of railfanning shots on the main line at Lewistown...



Roosevelt at LewistownRoosevelt campaign train.

1956 empty ore 1956 eastbound empty ore train. 1956 express train 1956 eastbound express train.
1966 pipe train 1966 pipe loads heading west. westbound freight Westbound freight. 
PRR 6768 Lewistown 073153 M1 6768 in front of station. eastbound coal Eastbound coal train, from tower.
IMG 1633 IMG 1634
IMG 1632
IMG 1635 IMG 1636
IMG 1637 IMG 1639 A break in the macadam on the passenger platform reveals the original brick!
IMG 1640 Retaining wall just east of the former REA building. IMG 1641 Passenger platform detail.
IMG 1642 IMG 1643
IMG 1644 IMG 1645
IMG 1657 This alcove, opposite the west end of the passenger platform, was the foundation for the LEWIS interlocking "distant" signal bridge and, for a short time, J tower. lewis
Lewistown 1939 Dramatic shot of twin eastbounders, 1939. Lewistown Junction pc
 lewistown 1946 1946. 
PRR 5890 at Lewistown Pa 6 11 1956 1956.
PRRdepotLewistown1961 P1010474
P1010475 P1010476
P1010477 P1010478
P1010479 P1010480
P1010481 P1010482
P1010483 Roundhouse Road looking west. P1010484 LEWIS tower would have been on the left.
P1010486 Roundhouse Road looking east. P1010487
P1010594 LEWIS tower's "board" survives within the passenger station owned by the PRRT&HS. P1010595
P1010751 P1010753

Photos by Joe Henry Kline.

These were scanned from old slides; color may be distorted.
Used with permission of family. 

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