The east half of Burnham has been completed to operational status. All switch machines are in place, wiring is completed, and the bridges have been built across the creek to connect to Yeagertown.

I refer to this area as Burnham East. There will eventually be more of Burnham (West) once a window is knocked through the wall at the far end of the photo. That's probably about two years out since future work focuses on the main line through completion.

In the photo, the open area of the benchwork is where the creek will be. It will soon be covered by plaster cloth. Yes, it really is that straight. The creek was relocated circa 1900 to allow expansion of the Standard Steel plant.

Standard Steel has a Burnham address, but is actually served by rail via Yeagertown. The four tracks under construction to the left of the creek bed are the steel mill sidings.

To the right of the creek bed are a storage track, a passing siding, the main track, and an industrial track.

At far right there are two sidings into Kavalchik Salvage. Mid-right is a fuel dealer which receives tank cars. 

Close right is a siding for which I can find no record of what was there. The PRR documents (CT1000) published in 1923 and 1945 provide no suggestion. So... I decided to put a brewery there!

Elsewhere, I am making progress on the Standard Steel sidings, as previously mentioned, and I have nearly all of the main line track work installed through Lewistown Junction. Specifically, from the REA building at the east to the home signals for LEWIS interlocking to the west. The goal is to have this main line section fully operational by the end of Q1 2014, and I should have no problem doing that.