Over the holidays I have managed to put nearly all of four days towards layout construction. The lead photo shows the current view of the layout room from the bottom of the stairway. (Click on images to view larger.)

Progress has included:

This second shot, below, is looking westward from the Lewistown station area. You can see that most of the main line track is in place, location names are on the fascia, the upper display backdrop, and the additional track lighting.

The third shot is looking westward toward LEWIS interlocking on the main level. The upper level is Burnham at right. Along the aisle are the leads into the Standard Steel plant. The steel plant will follow the wall around to the left (where car kits are currently stacked). All of the fascia and card boxes here are new.

Finally, a current view of the Lewistown yard pit. The upper and lower fascias are in place and the throttle jacks have been mounted.