A lot of progress has been made over the last few weeks. Main line tracks 1, 2 and 3 through Lewistown are fully wired with detection in place. Only part of track 4 has been done as I am waiting on the arrival of more Walthers code 83 #6 right-hand turnouts which have been in short supply. The good news is that they are now en route.

On the scenery side, I've created the mountain behind KV Junction and it has two layers of plaster cloth in place. I also completed the plaster cloth stream bed through Burnham. Next up will be a coat of Sculptamold for each.

Above is a screen shot of the LEWIS control panel, a work in progress (click to enlarge). The track schematic is complete and detection "bulbs" are in place and working. I need to add the signals to the schematic, then start work on programming the levers and code buttons. This is all being done using the PanelPro feature of the Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI).

The georgeous wall clock comes courtesy of Robert Bucklew. It has an animated pendulum complete with PRR logo! The clock will reflect "fast clock" time for the convenience of the tower operator.

As for the layout room, I've added more lights to the track lighting system. A few more to go and that project will be complete. I continue to repaint portions of the floor and the layout skirting project continues. First open house is May 4th for the PRRT&HS annual meeting and I want to have it looking good!

Over the next few weeks I expect to complete main line track 4, then proceed to installing the Tortoise switch machines and Switch-It stationary decoders to control them, all integrated with the PanelPro panel.