A lot's gone on since my last update. In the photo at right, I am mocking up WALL interlocking. WALL is immediately east of LEWIS and, on the model railroad, takes the four-track main line into 20 staging tracks. My construction goal is to have WALL operational by the end of Q2.

The goal for Q1 is to have Lewistown Junction operational. That will happen, no problem. The track is 95% in and will be complete later this week. I only need to add two more pieces of flex track and two wire drops and all of the track will be in and powered. All of the dispatcher-controlled swith machines are installed. Over the next few weeks I will be installing the stationary decoders that control them through JMRI and LocoNet.

I've also been making progress on the back drop and scenery at KV Junction on the upper level. I got sidetracked on a power issue related to the toggle-controlled switch machines. That will be rectified shortly with the installation of a 5 amp power supply dedicated to the task.

I've also been participating in the PRR Progroup's current project -- B60 series baggage cars. Although I won't get to three Bethlehem Car Works kits that are on my shelf, I am taking the time to get 16 Walthers B60B cars onto the railroad. These cars require manual application of grab irons. To wit, each car requires the drilling of 55 #80 holes for the grabs. That's 880 holes that I have drilled (under the goggles) over the past six weeks! Next step is applying the road number decals. You can see photos here.

Although I am very much under construction, I will host an open house for the PRRT&HS annual meeting on May 4th. There will be trains operating on the Milroy Secondary, but likely not on the main line. However, it is an opportunity to view the overall plan and see what the future holds.