With my first open house just two weeks away, I am frantically trying to get a lot of the little details completed.

One such project is the fascias, which I just completed this evening. They've all received three coats of paint, the LocoNet bus has been installed with UP5's at convenient locations, velcro throttle holders, and beverage holders (gotta keep the crews hydrated!).

I'm really pleased with how it came out, and it gives a finished look to a model railroad that is very much under construction.

I've also completed a repaint of the concrete floor and installation of black skirting around the layout. The benchwork design allowed for curtain rods around the perimeter, hidden by the fascia. The skirting is inexpensive black cloth that is designed for garden beds to keep weeds from growing. If they get dirty, torn, etc., you just replace it with a fresh piece. 

More photos here.