JACKS interlocking is now operational. Doesn't look like JACKS, just west of Mt. Union? Be reminded of a much earlier post, where I explained that JACKS is the interlocking immediately west of LEWIS. On the model railroad, this is the control point immediately west of LEWIS. As such, I call it JACKS. It is actually the entrance to Altoona staging.

To the right the main line ducks underneath the stairway and then arrives at Ryde, Pa., followed by the Granville Bridge and LEWIS.

Next up is the final 20 feet of main line, where it passes through the office. The explosives crew has already blasted through the wall (see below). Benchwork should be completed by November, with Ryde operational by the end of the year.

The top window through the wall cuts Burnham, Pa., in half, on the Milroy Secondary. The lower window is the mainline at LEWIS. Both views are eastward.