PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


  Structure Manufacturer Model
Lewistown Junction
  Passenger Station Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Station (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  REA Building Joe Henry Kline Lewistown REA Building (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Apartment Building Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Apartment Building (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  LEWIS Tower Joe Henry Kline LEWIS Tower (scratch built) (needs restoration)
In Progress Granville Bridge Model Railroad Stoneworks Rockville Bridge (custom kit)
Complete generic farm scene     Walthers Lancaster Farmhouse
Complete Walthers Meadowhead Barn
Complete Walthers Van Dyke Farm Windmill (1st of 2)
Complete Walthers Concrete Style Silo
Complete Overhead Water Bridge IHC Water Bridge
Lewistown - Yard  
  Roundhouse Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Roundhouse (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Yard Office Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Yard Office (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Bunk House Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Yard Bunk House (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Sand House Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Sand House (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Ash Hoist Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Ash Hoist (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Coal Tower Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Coal Tower (scratch built) (needs restoration)
  Water Tower RailWorks 100,000 gallon tank (needs painted)
Complete Tool House American Model Builders PRR Tool House
Complete Scale House Joe Henry Kline Lewistown Scale House (scratch built) (needs restoration)
Complete Viscose Co. Walthers Empire Leather Tanning Co.
Complete Walthers Plant No. 4 (background)
Lewistown - Downtown  
  Hotel Lewistown   (requires scratch build)
  St. Marks Episcopal Church    
  115-117 Water Street (duplex)    
  119-125 Water Street (quadplex)    
In Progress Franciscus Co.


Trackside Oil Dealer with Storage Tanks (part of)

Complete Walthers Walton and Sons Lumber Company (part of)
In Progress Walthers Trackside Oil Dealer with Storage Tanks (part of)
Mann Edge Tool Co. (requires scratch build)
In Progress 32 S. Dorcas Street (Yearick's Dray) Woodland Scenics/DPM B. Moore Catalog/Showroom (kit)
  34 S. Dorcas Street (Stoicheff Auto Parts) Carolina Craftsman Kits The Roudabush Building (kit)
  ??? Water Street (apartments) Woodland Scenics/DPM Townhouse #3 (kitbash)
  Freight Station   (requires scratch build)
  Harrisburg Auto Parts    
  Manino's Banana Warehouse    
  Highway Department    
Complete Chestnut Street
Grandma's House
(Dan Cupper tribute)
Walthers Aunt Lucy's House (kitbash)
Complete Chestnut Street Walthers 2-Story House with Garage
Complete Chestnut Street Walthers American Bungalow
Complete M. W. Brandt Walthers Walton and Sons Lumber Company (part of)
  Montgomery Ward    
  Lewistown Frozen Food Service, Coble's, et al    
Complete Hoffman Co. Walthers O. L. King & Sons Coal Yard
Complete Texas Co. Walthers  Trackside Oil Dealer with Storage Tanks (part of)
Lewistown - Northeast  
In Progress Atlantic Refining Co. No. 2 Walthers Interstate Fuel & Oil
  Spanogle-Yeager Milling Co.    
  J. H. Miller    
  TBD Railroad Kits Reaghan Feed Mill (kit)
  Passenger Station   (requires scratch build)
  Freight Station    
  TBA (tribute) Bar Mills Saulena's Tavern (kit)
  Kovalchik Salvage    
Complete Suburban Atlantic States Gas Company Walthers Propane Tanks
Complete  Dicken's Cider (fictitious) Walthers Arrowhead Ale (background)
Complete Standard Steel Walthers Rolling Mill
Complete Walthers Electric Furnace
Complete Walthers Northern Light & Power Sub Station
Complete Walthers Engine Blower House
Complete Walthers Coke Retort
Complete Acetalene Plant Walthers American Millwork Company
Katie's (requires scratch build)
  Pavlov's Dogs (fictitious) FOS Scale Models Tiny Lou's Grill (kit)
  J. M. Yeager No. 1   (requires scratch build)
Complete J. M. Yeager No. 2 Walthers Clayton County Lumber
xxx (abondoned logging railroad)  
    City Classics Company Houses
Mann's Narrows
Complete Water Tower RailWorks 100,000 gallon tank
  TBA (tribute) Railroad Kits Boilermakers Beer and Ale
  N. O. Reardick FOS Scale Models Gardiner's Tack, Field & Farrier (kit)
  Belleville Flour Mills    
Lewistown - Furnace Branch Siding  
  Sun Oil Co.    
  J. Krentzman    
  Lewistown Ice & Storage   (requires scratch build)
  Juniata Gas & Oil Co.    
  Lewis Stikin    
  Penna. Edison Co.    
  American Gas Co.    
  Overhead Door Co.    
  ex-Susquehanna Silk Mill    
  Marker's Store    
Honey Creek   
  TBA (tribute) FOS Scale Models  Barlow's Smokehouse (kit)
  Tipple Walthers Valley Aggregates OR Glacier Gravel (kit)
Complete TBD (fictitious) Walthers Valley Cement
Complete Walthers Grocery Distributor
Everett Terminal
  Engine House Walthers Two Stall Engine House (kit)
  Diesel Fueling/Sanding Rack    
  Everett Transload Walthers Railway Express Agency and Railway Express Agency (kit)
  Walthers Railway Express Agency (background) (2)
In Progress

Universal Exports

Walthers Water Street Freight Terminal
Complete Vandelay Industries  Walthers Commissary/Freight Transfer Building (background)
  Wayne Enterprises    
Other Kits on Shelf   
    American Model Builders PRR New Freedom Depot (kit)
Complete Tool House American Model Builders PRR Tool House
Complete ? Backdrop buildings at Viscose or Standard Steel Walthers Superior Paper
Complete   Walthers Lakeside Shipping
Complete   Walthers Golden Flame Fuel Co.
Universal Exports (Everett) Walthers Water Street Freight Station (2nd kit) (kit)
    Walthers Interstate Fuel & Oil (2nd kit) (kit)
    Walthers New River Mining Company (kit)
    Walthers PRR Block Station (kit)
    FOS Scale Models Green Cab Co. (kit)
  ? Milroy Carolina Craftsman Kits H. J. Mull Store (kit)
  ? Honey Creek Nucomp Miniatures Trailer Park
Complete   Walthers Van Dyke Farm Windmill (2nd of 2)
Candidate Structures 
    Railroad Kits Fulsome Inn (kit)
    Fos Scale Models Shakey's Pool Hall & Bar (kit)
    Fos Scale Models Jimmy D’s Bar & Grill (kit)
    Fos Scale Models The Pub Crawl (kit)
    Walthers Sunrise Feed Mill (kit)
    Walthers National Fuel Supply Co. (kit)
    Walthers Miss Bettie’s Diner (kit)
    Bar Mills Star Diner (kit)
    Bar Mills Booty Corner (kit)
    Bar Mills Fenster’s Farm Fresh (kit)
    Bar Mills Four Fingered Tony’s (kit)
    Bar Mills Mooney’s Plumbing (kit)
    Bar Mills Potter’s Pub (kit)
    Bar Mills Sweaty Betty’s (kit)
    Woodland Scenics Deuce's Bike Shop
    Woodland Scenics Betty's Burning Building
  TBA (tribute)   Woodland Scenics Duggan’s Paint Store
  Carolina Craftsman Newport Hardware Company (kit)
    Mine Mount Models Palzer's Plumbing Supply (kit)
    Mine Mount Models Randy's Auto Repair (kit)