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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


As of December 31, 1950, the following quantities of hoppers were rostered in North America, according to the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). These "Top 20" owners represented 80 percent of the total.

Railroad Hopper Cars Models1
PRR 80,809 Bowser
C&O 52,145 InterMountain
B&O 47,887 Broadway Limited Imports
NYC 42,008  
N&W 41,252  
L&N 34,831 Walthers
IC 21,727 Walthers
RDG 17,115  
VGN 13,962  
SOU 13,615 Walthers
DM&IR 13,084  
MP Lines 11,652  
P&LE 10,910  
WM 9,603 Walthers
B&LE 9,378  
CB&Q 9,177  
NKP 9,033 InterMountain
GN 9,016  
Erie 8,613 InterMountain
CNJ & CRP 7,117  
1Does not reflect "Craftsman" level models, which are available for almost any road. 
Such models are offered by Funaro & Camerlengo, Westerfield Models, and Sunshine.