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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


The American Refrigerator Transit Company (ART) was a St. Louis, Missouri-based private refrigerator car line established in 1881 by the Missouri Pacific and Wabash railroads. It is now a subsidiary of the Union Pacific Corporation.


Notable Number Series

Series 17100-27999 were built in 1948 by General American.

Series 24000-24999 were built by the ART in 1939.

Series 26000-26299 were built by the ART in 1947.

Series 27100-27999 were built by General American in 1948.

Series 28000-28899 were built by Pullman Standard in 1947.

Series 29000-29499 were built by Mount Vernon Car Mfg. Division of Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1952.

Series 31000-31999 were built by American Car & Foundry in 1936. They were initially numbered in series 22979-23999 but were renumbered in the 1950s after air circulating fans were added.

Series 50000-50999 first appeared in 1954, suggesting they were rebuilt cars, probably from the 17000-19999 series.

Series 52000-52999 were rebuilds from series 21000-21999 during the 1950s. The originals were built by Pressed Steel Car Company in 1928.

Series 91300-91699 were built by Pacific Car & Foundry for meet service and was equipped with meat rails. They were often lettered for shippers, including Central Packing Company and Royal Packing Company.

Paint Schemes

When the Wabash became part of the Norfolk & Western in the mid-1960s, the N&W logo replaced the Wabash logo.