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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

reefer train.jpgAs of 1954, the PRR's "Makeup of Trains" consist books list show only PRR reefers used in the creation of passenger trains. With few exceptions, class R50b is prescribed. Videos and photos, however, show Railway Express Agency reefers in use as well, though to a lesser extent.

The following table was created from data contained in The Official Railway Equipment Register.

Express Reefer Ownership in 1954
"The Official Railway Equipment Register," January 1954
OwnerReporting MarksQuantity
Railway Express Agency R E X 1,678
Northern Refrigerator Line, Inc. N.R.C. 567
Pennsylvania Railroad P R R 526
Canadian National Railways C N 327
Canadian Pacific Railway C P 295
New York Central System N Y C 271
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R. Co. D L & W 216
Pacific Fruit Express Express P.F.E. 187
Great Northern Ry. Co. G N 184
Western Fruit Express W.F.E.X., W.H.I.X. 95
National Car Company N.X. (all insulated milk tanks) 67
Burlington Refrigerator Express Company (passenger) B.R.E.X., B.H.I.X. 22
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company S A L 18
Northern Pacific N P 3