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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

Union tank Car

As of 1950, the following quantities of tank cars were rostered in North America, according to the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER). This list does not include milk tanks, vinegar tanks, pickle tanks or tanks specifically denoted for company service. Compiled by Jerry Britton.


Railroad Reporting Marks Tank Cars

Union Tank Car Company

Lessees include Atlantic Refining Company, Baker's Chocolate, Eastman Chemical, Hercules Powder, Products Tank Line, Procor Limited, 
Skelly Oil Company


General American Transportation Corp. -
General American Tank Line

Lessees include Celanese Chemicals, Diamond Chemical, Domino Sugar,
Dow Chemical Company, E. I. Du Pont de Nemouirs & Co., Gibson Wine,
Globe Soap Company, Hooker Chemicals, Roma Wine, Union Starch & Refining Company, Stauffer Chemical Company

GATX 37,696

Shipper's Car Line Corp.

Lessees included Bell Oil & Gas Company, Cities Service Oil Company, Dow Chemicals, FMC Corporation,
KingTaste Products, Mathieson Alkali Works, Paluxy Ashphalt Company, Pan Am Oils, Phillips Petroleum,
PPG Chemicals, Silver Fox Lard Company, Texas Natural Gas Corporation, United States Rubber Products, Woburn Degreasong Company,
Wolf's Head Oil Refining Company, Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation

Sinclair Refining Company SDRX, UNPX, PARX, FMTX 5,086

North American Car Corp.

Lessees include A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.

NATX 4,459
General American Transportation Corp. -
The Texas Company
TCX 3,773
Department of the Army CWSX, USAX, USOX, USQX 3,396
Canadian General Transit Company CGTX 2,387
Warren Petroleum Corporation WRNX 2,246
Southern Pacific Lines
West of Portland, Ogden, El Paso and Tucumcari
SP 2,068
Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico - 
Operating National Railways of Mexico,
Interoceanic Railway of Mexicoand MExican Southern Ry.
TehuantepecNational Railway
N de M, N de T 2,048
Cities Service Oil Company CSOX, EORX 1,672
Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation COSX 1,590
Petroleos Mexicanos PMEX 1,514
Gulf Oil Corporation GRCX 1,508
Transite Company, Limited TCLX, CSGX, BMMX, PRPX, SUPX 1,464
Mexican Petroleum Corporation MPLX 1,403
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. -
Barrett Division
BMX 1,305
Tide Water Associated Oil Company AOX, TIDX, TWOX 1,253
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Inc,, 
Central Region
SVX 1,175
Union Pacific Railroad Company UP, OSL, OWR&N, LA&SL 1,081
Sun Oil Company SUNX 952
Imperial Oil , Limited IOX, COBX 910
E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company DUPX 736
Continental Oil Company CONX 721
Magnolia Petroleum Company MPCX 716

Keith Railway Equipment Company

Lessees include Publicker-Ward Distilling Co.

Champlin Refining Company HHCX, LENX 685
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. - Solvay Process Division SPX 676
Phillips Petroleum Company PSPX 668
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. -
General Chemical Division
GCX 653
Union Oil Company of California UOCX 626
Cosden Petroleum Corp. CPCX 591
Shell Oil Company, Incorporated SCCX 587
Lion Oil Company LUX 549
General American Transportation Corp. -
Swift Tank Line
SWTX 505
Southern Pacific Lines
in Texas and Louisiana
T&NO 448
Reconstruction Finance Corporation DPX 440
California Dispatch Line CDLX 396
Ethyl Corporation EBAX 389
Shell Chemical Corporation SCMX 389
Lone Star Producing Company LSPX 385
North American Car Corp. AESX 336
Interstate Tank Car Corporation ISTX 327
Bay Terminal Railroad Co. BTRR 325
Vendome Tank Car Company VENX 318
United States Navy USNX 316
O. E. Linsin, Inc. OELX 294
General American Transportation Corp. -
Linde Air Products Company
LAPX 283
Monsanto Chemical Company MONX 263
Pan-Am Southern Corporation PASX, RUTX 263
East Jersey Railroad and Terminal Co. EJR 260
El Dorado Refining Co. EDRX 259
Crystal Car Line CCLX 257
Armor Tank Line ATLX 241
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. PSMX 235
Standard Brands Inc. SBIX 235
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp. -
Semet-Solvay Division
SSLX 214
Richfield Oil Corporation ROX 211
West Coast Transportation, Inc. WCTX 201
Harbor Tank Line Company HTCX 199
General American Transportation Corp. -
Pennsylvania-Conley Tank Line
CYCX 188
Kansas City Southern Ry. Co. KCS 182
Ozark Tank Car Company OZKX 181
Mathieson Chemical Corporation MAWX, SASX 180
Toronto Pipe Line Company TBAX 178
Hercules Powder Company HPCX 177
Commercial Solvents Corporation CSVX 176
Consolidated Chemical Industries CCIX 176
Pioneer Equipment Company PECX 176
Painter Transportation Service PTSX 175
Canadian Industries Limited CILX 171
John H. Grace Company DRDX 170
Koppers Company KPCX 167
Johnson Oil Refining Company JORX 165
Chicago & North Western C&NW 162
Anchor Petroleum Company ANPX 158
United Fuel Gas Company UFGX, VGOX 152
McColl-Frontenac Oil Co., Limited MFLX 148
Hooker Electrochemical Company HOKX 147
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company,
Columbia Chemical Division
PPGX 145
General American Transportation Corp. -
Scurlock Tank Car Company
ECSX 143
Kanotex Refining Company KOTX 140
Dow Chemical Company DOWX 135
Dow Chemical Company - Texas Division DTDX 132
Niagara Alkali Company NACX 125
Ferrocarril Mexicano FCM 122
Crown Central Petroleum Corporation CCPX 129
Elk Refining Company ERCX 126
Philadelphia Quartz Company PQX 118
Canadian Oil Companies, Limited CNOX 117
Southwestern Sugar & Molasses Company SSMX 116
Chartrand's Traffic Service CHAX, OORX 113
United Refining Company URCX 108
Midland Cooperative Wholesale,
Cushing Refining Division
CRGX 107
Howard Tank Line ORHX 106
Great Western Division,
Dow Chemical Company
GWEX 105
Best Foods, Inc. BFX 103
Ferrocarril Nor-Oeste de Mexico, S. A.
Mexico North-western Railway
N-O de M 103
Missouri Pacific Lines - Gulf Coast Lines -
International Great Northern Railroad Co.
IGN 101
Walter Haffner Company WCHX 99
Carbine and Carbon Chemicals Division - 
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Co. FW&D 91
General Petroleum Corporation GPCX 91
North Star Oil Limited NSOX 90
Southern Railway System SOU 90
British American Oil Company, Limited BAOX, FOKX 88
Mars Incorporated MWEX 88
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company of Canada Limited
General American Transportation de Mexico, S. A. GAMX 80
Tulsa Tank Line TTEX 79
Railway Tank Car Service, Inc. RCSX 75
Spencer Chemical Company SCJX 73
Union Starch & Refining Company USTX 72
Columbian Gasoline Corporation SCNX 71
Shell Oil Company of Canada, Limited SCAX, SCBX 69
Texas & Pacific Railway Co. T&P 68
Houston Tank Car Company HTX 65
Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Co. GM&O 63
Missouri Pacific Lines - Gulf Coast Lines - 
New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway Co.
NOT&M 63
Republic Tank Car Company RTCX 63
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company of Washington TELX 62
Southern Alkali Corporation SACX 61
Cotton Belt Route SSW 59
Champion Paper and FIbre Company CPFX 58
General American Transportation Corp. -
Cumberland Gasoline Corp.
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway Co. SP&S 58
Canfield Tank Car Line CANX 57
Stauffer Chemical Company
(Southern California Branch)
Mead Corporation, Tank Car Division MCX 52
Interstate Transport Co. ITCX 51
Fagan Tank Line FTLX 50
Nichols Chemical Company, Limited NLX 50
Cadillac Tank Car Company CADX 49
Hi-Way Refineries, Ltd. HWRX 49
Central Chemical,
Division of Wilson & Co., Inc.
Northern Tank Line Inc. NTLX 47
Darling & Company DACX 46
General American Transportation Corp. -
Pennsylvania-Conley Tank Line
PTX 46
Hegeler Zinc Company HZX 46
Ohio Tank Car Company AGCX 46
Teas Extract Company TXCX, ATEX 46
Oil Tank Line Co. OILX 45
Victory Tank Car Company VTCX 45
Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd. ALCX 44
Simmons Oil & Refining Company SAX 44
Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co. TPCX 42
Monsanto Chemical Company
Merrimac Division
Bay Chemical Company -
A Division of Morton Salt Company
Matthiessen & Hugeler Zinc Company MHZX 41
Niacet Chemicals Division,
United States Vanadium Corporation
Stauffer Chemical Company
(Northern California Branch)
Excelsior Refineries Ltd. ERX 40
Flintkote Company of Canada, Inc. FKRX 40
North American Cyanamid Limited NCLX 39
Central of Georgia Railway CG 36
Fuelane Corporation FCX 36
General American Transportation Corp. -
Inland Empire Refineries, Inc.
Stauffer Chemical Company
(Eastern Branch)
California Tank Car Line CTCX 35
Cia. Distribuidora de Gas, S. A. VELX 35
Koch Tank Line OFKX 35
Virginia Smelting Company VSX 35
Atlas Power Company APCX 34 
Aetna Oil Company, Inc. LARX 33
Tennessee Eastman Corporation ETCX 33
J. J. Clifford CMCX 32
National Oil Company, Inc. NOX 31
Stoll Oil Refining Co., Inc. SOTX 31
Elmar Tank Line Co. ETX 28
King Transportation Company KINX 28
Louisiana & Arkansas Ry. Co. L&A 28
Railway Accessories Company RACX 28
Rohn & Haas Company RAHX 28
General American Transportation Corp. -
Wasatch Oil Company, Idaho Division
WOX 26
Arkansas Company ARKX 26
Tennese Coal, Iron & Railroad Company TCIX 26
Ansul Chemical Company ACCX 25
Commodities Car Co., Inc. CMWX 25
W. R. Grace & Co. OVOX 25
Portsmouth Division,
Detroit Steel Corporation
W. H. Barber Company BTLX 24
Chesapeake & Ohio C&O 24
Globe Oil & Refining Company LMRX 24
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation JLSX 24
Lewis Tar Products Co. LTPX 24
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. YSTX 24
Cliffs Dow Chemical Company CDKX 23
Speas Company SVMX 23
Morrell Tank Line MTX 22
Protane Corporation PBGX 22
Ford Motor Company FRDX 21
Industrias Unidas de Nuevo Laredo, S. A. LUX 21
Robeson Process Company RPCX 21
Belcher Oil Company BEPX 20
M L W X Company MLWX 20
Monarch Molasses Company MMX 20
Namarib Company NLCX 20
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company ANGX 19
United Distillers of America, Inc. UDAX 19
Canada Packers Limited HACX 18
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (Standard Gauge) D&RGW 18
Oklahoma Tank Car Co. RX 18
American Agricultural Chemical Co. AAX 17
Buffalo Electro-Chemical Co., Inc. BECX 17
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway BAP 17
McCloud RIver Railroad Co. MR 17
Louis Stern Sons, Inc. LSSX 17
Brown Company BCX 16
Diminion Tar & Chemical Co., Limited DTCX 16
Export Tank Lines ETLX 16
New Jersey Zinc Company (of Pa.) NJZX 16
Fred Rives Transportation Company FRTX 16
Wilcox Oil Company HWX 16
Ferrocarriles S. C. O. P. SCOP  
Detroit Chemical Works DCWX 15
Ethyl-Dow Chemical Company EDCX 15
General American Transportation Corp. -
Baker Castor Oil Co.
Sociedd Nacional de Productores de Alcohol SNAX 15
Stauffer Chemical Company STIX 15
Weirton Steel Company WSX 15
Western Tank Line WTLX 15
Belle Alkali Company BAKX 14
R. H. Bogle Company RHBX 14
Calco Chemical Division - American Cyanamid Company CALX 14
Chickasha Cotton Oil Company CCOX 14
E. T. Schoenwald ETSX 14
Tennessee Products & Chemical Corporation TPDX 14
Philadelphia Quartz Co. of California PQCX 13
Shawinigan Products Corporation SPKX 13
Westvaco Chemical Corporation WVCX 13
Alton and Southern Railroad AL&S 12
Cook Paint & Varnish Company CPVX 12
Houston Packing Co. HPX 12
Leas & McVitty, Inc. LMVX 12
Pacific Lumber Company TPLX 12
Quanah, Acme & Pacific Ry. Co. QAP 12
Shawinigan Chemicals Limited SWPX 12
Trinity Cotton Oil Division,
of The Best Foods, Inc.
Norfolk & Western Railway Company N&W 11
Armstrong Cork Company ACKX 11
Central States Oil Co. IMRX 11
Durkee Famous Foods, 
Division of the Glidden Company
Mineral Point Zinc Division, 
The New Jersey Zinc Company
Ace Tank Car Company ATCX 10
J. T. Baker Chemical Co. - Taylor Chemical Division JTBX 10
Commonwealth Edison Company CWEX 10
Compania Mexicana de Comercio Extrior, S. A. MCEX 10
Derby Oil Company DOX 10
Hirsch Bros. & Co., Inc. HBAX 10
Iron & Steel Products, Inc. ISPX 10
Jennison-Wright Corporation JWX 10
Lutz & Schramm Inc. LASX 10
Milwaukee Solvay Coke Company MSKX 10
Royster Chemical Works RCWX 10
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company SAL 10
Van Iderstine Company VICX 10
William K. Warren WKWX 10
American Extract Company AECX 9
American Sugar Refining Company ASRX 9
Big West Oil Company of Montana BWTX 9
Canada Starch Co., Ltd. CSTX 9
Chipman Chemical Company, Inc. CCEX 9
Crucible Steel Company of America CSAX 9
Currie Products Limited CPLX 9
General Electric Company GEX 9
C. C. Lang & Son, Inc. LSX 9
J. R. Lawrence  JRLX 9
Long-Bell Lumber Company LBX 9
Mexican Pacific Railroad Co. M del P 9
Missouri Pacific Lines - Gulf Coast Lines -
St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico Railway
SB&M 9
Mutual Chemical Company of America MCCX 9
Nealco-Monsanto Company NEAX 9
Old Hickory Chemical Company OHCX 9
Riverside Acid & Inhibitor Co. RAWX 9
Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation QSMX 9
D. P. Tafe DPTX 9
Taylor-Colquitt Co. TCPX 9
United States Rubber Company USRX 9
H. Earl Clack Company KLAX 8
Dominion Alkali & Chemical Company, Ltd. DALX 8
Duval Engineering & Contracting Company DECX 8
Eastman Kodak Company EKCX 8
Interlake Iron Corporation IICX 8
Panoma Corporation PANX 8
Rural Natural Gas Company RNGX 8
St. Regis Paper Company,
West Fork Logging Division
Stauffer Chemical Company STNX 8
Utilities Distributors, Inc. UDIX 8
Leonard Warden WGSX 8
American Cyanamid Company CYX 7
Gas-Oil Products, Inc. GOPX 7
Hinkley & Schmitt HSTX 7
Kimberly-Clark Corporation KCCX 7
Los Angeles Soap Company LOSX 7
Missouri Pacific Lines - Sugar Land Railway Co. SL 7
Norfolk Southern Railway Co. NS 7
Oldbury Electro-Chemical Company OECX 7
Pacific Electric Ry. Co. PE 7
St. Lawrence Starch Company Limited SLAX 7
Schenectady Varnish Company, Inc. SVCX 7
American Turpentine & Tar Co., Ltd. ATTX 6
Bernuth, Lemboke Co., Inc. BLCX 6
Capital City Products Co. CAPX 6
Continental Turpentine & Rosin Corporation, Inc. CRTX 6
Dominion Linseed Oil Co., Limited DLOX 6
Lyle Branchflower Company LBRX 6
East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company ET&WNCRR 6
Fels & Company FELX 6
Polymer Corporation Limited PCLX 6
Productos Forestales, S. A. PFSX 6
Pure Carbonic, Incorporated PCIX 6
Republic Steel Corporation RSCX 6
Steel Company of Canada, Limited TSCX 6
Wisconsin Rendering Company WRCX 6
Minneapolis & St. Louis Ry. Co. M&StL 5
Alberta Linseed Oil Company, Limited ALOX 5
Algonquin Chemical Company ACMX 5
Apex Oil Company APEX 5
Barium Reduction Corporation BRX 5
Canada & Dominion Sugar Co., Ltd. DSLX 5
Crossett Chemical Company CCMX 5
Cutler-Hammer, Inc. CPLX 5
River Terminal Railway Company RT 5
American Viscose Corporation - Sylvania Division SYLX 5
Eagle Cotton Oil Company ECOX 5
Great Lakes Steel Corporation GLSX 5
Gregory-Robinson-Speas, Inc. OCVX 5
J. M. Huber Corporation JMHX 5
Martin Oil Service, Inc. MOSX 5
Tank Line Service Incorporated TLSX 5
Trojan Poweer Co. TPX 5
Westland Oil Company WOLX 5
Wheeler, Reynolds & Stauffer WRSX 5
Wheeling Steel Corporation WSLX 5
Home Gas Corporation HGCX 4
Catalin Corporation of America CCNX 4
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company
Pere Marquette District
PM 4
Louisiana & North West R. R. Co. L&NW 4
Missouri Tank Car Corporation LMTX 4
Port Angeles Western Railroad Company PAWRR 4
R. J. Allison Company RJAX 4
Samuel Cabot Inc. SCIX 4
Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation CFIX 4
Conway Springs Water Co,. CSWX 4
Cuero Cotton Oil & Mfg. Company CUMX 4
Fiske Brothers Refining Company FBRX 4

Forest Products Chemical Co.

National Silicates Limited NSLX 4
National Zinc Company, Inc. NZX 4
Neville Company NEVX 4
P. D. George Company PDGX 4
Goar's Service & Supply GSSX 4
Great Bear Spring Co. GBSX 4
Haskins Brothers & Company HBSX 4
Hately Brothers Company HBX 4
Holly Sugar Corporation HLYX 4
Hygrade Food Products Corporation HYTX 4
T. A. D. Jones & Co., Inc. TADX 4
Newport Industries, Inc. NCOX 4
Oregon-American Lumber Corporation OALX 4
Petrolite Corporation, Limited TOLX 4
Radio Oil Refiners Ltd. RORX 4
Chas. L. Read & Co., Inc. CLRX 4
Staley Milling Company SMX 4
Tennessee Corporation TENX 4
Texas Mexican Railway Company TM 4
Warren & Saline RIver Railroad Company W&SRRR 4
Texas Tanning Extract Company TTNX 4
Adirondack Bottled Gas Corporation ABX 3
Austin Powder Company AUPX 3
Byerlyte Corporation BYAX 3
California Cedar Products Company CPSX 3
California Cotton Oil Corporation COCX 3
Central Farm Products Company CFPX 3
Colorado & Wyoming Railway C&W 3
Disco Company DSCX 3
Elkland Leather Co., Inc. ELCX 3
General Aniline & Film Corporation GAWX 3
Jordan Company JCOX 3
Kaiser Steel Corporation KCIX 3
Lehigh Valley Railroad LV 3
Marathon Corporation MPMX 3
Oscar Mayer & Co. CMTX 3
Palomar Oil and Refining Corporation PRX 3
Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Co. PSTX 3
A. M. Richter Sons Company RSX 3
Sessions Company, Inc. SESX 3
Standard Chemical Co., Ltd. SCLX 3
M. B. Suydam Division,
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
Hiram Walker & Sons, Limited HWSX 3
Texas Vegetable Oil Company TVOX 3
Turpentine & Rosin Factors, Inc. TRFX 3
Western Food Products Company WFPX 3
Westinghouse Electric Corporation,
Benolite Department
J. J. White Products Company
(J. J. White, Sole Owner)
Amalgamated Sugar Company ASCX 2
E. Berghausen Chemical Company EBCX 2
Canada Linseed Oil Mills, Ltd. CLOX 2
Canadian Breweries Limited CBX 2
Caterpillar Tractor Company CTX 2
Central Packing Company, Inc. CPX 2
Cities Fuel Corporation CFCX 2
Davison Chemical Corporation DCCX 2
F. D. Cline Construction Company FDCX 2
Columbian Carbon Company, 
Magnetic Pigment Division
Cornwell Chemical Company CLCX 2
Diamond Alkali Co. of California DCX 2
Dyson's Limited DLX 2
Fabrica de Jabon "La Reinera", S. A. FLRX 2
Foley Butane Company, Inc. FBCX 2
L. C. Forman & Sons, Inc. LCFX 2
Glidden Company,
Naval Stores Division
Green Bay Food Company GBFX 2
Gulf States Creosoting Company GSCX 2
E. Kahn's Sons Company EKTX 2
Kuner-Empson Company KECX 2
KVP Company, Limited KVPX 2
Lamp Department of General Electric Company ILDX 2
Longview, Portland & Northern Railway LP&N 2
Mangels, Herold Co., Inc. MHTX 2
Modern Sanitary Rendering Co., Inc. MSRX 2
Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. MDUX 2
Montrose Beef Company MBX 2
National Aniline Division,
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation
Nevada Northern Railway Company NN 2
Ozark-Mahoning Company OZCX 2
P. J. O'Donnell & Sons PJOX 2
Ozone Company, Inc. OZX 2
Peoples Natural Gas Company PNGX 2
Peoples Refining Company PEPX 2
Pioneer Products Company PPX 2
A. F. Pringle & Co. Inc. PRFX 2
Resinera Uruapan, S. A. RUSX 2
John A. Roebling's Sons Co. JARX 2
Shallow Water Refining Co. SWRX 2
Sherwin-Williams Co. of Canada, Limited SWCX 2
Smith-Douglas Company, Inc. SDIX 2
Sunland Refining Corporation SRX 2
Trinidad Leasholds (Canada) Limited TLCX 2

Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad Company

Unites States Atomic Energy Commission ATMX 2
United States Sugar Corporation USSX 2
J. S. Young Company JSYX 2
American Smelting & Refining Company ASX 1
Apache Powder Company APHX 1
Ashley, Drew and Northern Ry. Co. AD&N 1
Atlas Chemical Company, Ltd. ACHX 1
Bamberger Railroad Co. B 1
Belt Railway Company of Chicago BRC 1
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. BWCX 1
James B. Clow & Sons JBCX 1
Colorado & Southern Railway C&S 1
Collins Construction Co. COLX 1
Conroe Creosoting Company CNRX 1
Crystal Springs Water Company, Inc. CWX 1
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R. Co. DL&W 1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (Standard Gauge) D&SL 1
Distillation Products Industries,
Division of Eastman Kodak Company
Donner-Hanna Coke Corporation DUX 1
Dothan Oil Mill Company DOMX 1
Eastern Corporation EMCX 1
Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Co. EJ&E 1
El Pino, S. A. EPX 1
A. R. Eppenauer EPPX 1
Eston Chemicals, Inc. ESTX 1
Flamingo Spring Water Company FSWX 1
Frost Paint & Oil Corporation FPOX 1
Gaspesia Sulphite Company, Ltd. GSPX 1
Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc. GHX 1
Great Lakes Refining,
Division of Petco Corporation
Kalamazoo Rendering Works KRWX 1
Kansas Power Company KPRX 1
Lehigh, Incorporated LGX 1
Lever Brothers Limited BLBX 1
Jos. A. Likely, Limited JALX 1
Marden-Wild Corporation MWKX 1
Master Lubricants Company MLX 1
McCook Rendering Company MCRX 1
H. L. Mills HLMX 1
Monarch Refineries, Inc. MRIX 1
National Gas Company NGCX 1
Pacific Vegetable Oil Corporation PVOX 1
Peterson Manufacturing Co., Inc. PMCX 1
Pierce & Stevens, Inc. PSX 1
Reading Company RDG 1
W. B. Riley WBRX 1
Santa Maria Valley Railroad SMV 1
Saunders Petroleum Company SPCX 1
Schoenwald Petroleum Company OHSX 1
E. D. Sloan EDSX 1
Southern Indiana Liquified Gas Company SILX 1
Standard Brands Limited SBLX 1
Standard Ultramarine Company SUX 1
M. Steffen & Company, Inc. STX 1
Stickney & Poor Spice Co. SPSX 1
Sumter & Choctaw Railway Co. S&C 1
Swift Canadian Co., Limited SCDX 1
Sydney & Louisburg Railway Co.
Cumberland Railway & Coal Co.
S&L, CD&C 1
Tank Gas Corporation TGCX 1
Textiles Monterrey, S. A. TMOX 1
Thompson-Hayward Chemical Company THKX 1
True's Oil Company TOCX 1
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corporation,
Phosphate Mining Department
Wayne Chemical Products Company WCPX 1
Tank Car Corporation of America HMHX, NAMX unknown