PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Pennsylvania Midland Railroad Company

"The Penn Family Lines" is a consortium of model railroads created by Robert Martin (deceased). Participation in The Penn Family Lines is open to any regular operator from Bob's Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) whose roadname contains "Pennsylvania".



The Central Pennsylvania Railroad

The Central Pennsylvania Railroad (CPRR) was created by Bob Martin in 1973. The concept of the CPRR is that it is a privately owned railroad located in Central Pennsylvania with very close ties with the PRR. So close that the CPRR logo is the PRR keystone and the CPRR uses PRR locomotives and other equipment and the PRR has unreimbursable track rights on the CPRR.



The South Penn Railroad

The South Penn Railroad (SPN) was created by Dave Rohrbaugh and is located in West York, Pa.




IMG 2510The West Penn Railroad

The West Penn Railroad was created by Dave Trone and is located near Hanover, Pa.




The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad

The Pennsylvania Midland Railroad (PMRR) was created by Jerry Britton and is located in Etters, Pa.




The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad

The Pennsylvania & New England Railroad was created by Charles Kadyk.