The position of LEWIS Operator is conducive to remote operations, as are Main Line Crews #1#2#3, and #4.

Several technologies are available to facilitate these operations, as follows:

For the Operator role:

Testing pending...

Zoom is used to provide a remote view of the tower panel and provide remote communications.

Superintendent Tasks: Operator Tasks:
Schedule Zoom call.  
Join Zoom call from Operator's workstation and share screen. Join Zoom call.
Delegate Zoom control of Operator's workstation to remote Operator. Confirm control of Operator's workstation.


For the Main Line Crew roles:

Testing pending...

Crews will use WiThrottle (iOS) or EngineDriver (Android) on a smart phone or tablet to control their train.

Superintendent Tasks: Operator Tasks:
   Join Zoom call and pin Operator's workstation screen to full size so you can see the entire panel.
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1022.1241838398 1956 h10s 7558
1956 h10s ready 1956 i1s 4233
1956 m1a 6769 1957 lewistown ready
H9 2857 ltwnjpg I1 4249 2369 Lewistown
ltwnalcoRH M1 6811 Lewistown 1956
Pennsylvania Railroad engine 1770 an H 9S 2 8 0 Consolidated in Lewistown Mifflin County on August 29 1953jpg PRR6744LewistownPA123156gf
IMG 1434 Buildings behind station and along secondary. IMG 1435
IMG 1648 IMG 1649
IMG 1650 IMG 1651
IMG 1652 IMG 1653
IMG 1654 IMG 1656
IMG 1658 P1010430
P1010431 P1010432
P1010433 P1010434
P1010435 P1010436
P1010437 P1010438
P1010439 P1010440
P1010441 P1010442
P1010443 P1010444
P1010445 P1010449
P1010450 P1010451
P1010452 P1010453
P1010454 Former Viscose site. P1010455
P1010456 P1010457
P1010458 P1010459
P1010460 P1010461
P1010462 P1010463
P1010464 P1010467
P1010465 Meanwhile, back in the yard... the turntable is still in place. You can see the arch in the distance. P1010466
P1010468 P1010469
P1010470 P1010471
P1010472 P1010473


P1010561 Former coal yard on the right. There was once a siding here. P1010562
P1010566 P1010567
P1010568 P1010571
P1010572 P1010564
P1010565 P1010563
P1010569 P1010570
P1010573 Looking westward from the Atlantic Refining site. P1010574 Looking eastward from the Atlantic Refining site, which would have been on the left where the church is now.
P1010575 Former Supplee building. P1010576
P1010577 P1010580 Looking westward across Bridge 0.51.
P1010581 View eastward. P1010578
P1010579 P1010582
P1010583 Next view westward. P1010584 View eastward.
P1010585 Unknown what came across these piers!  


P1010488 P1010489
P1010490 kishacoquillas valley railroad 1937 hagley archive
lewistown fire truck 1954 P1010491 This building, opposite the hotel, was once a parking garage.
P1010492 P1010493
P1010494 P1010495
P1010496 After being a garage, apparently the building was home to the Lewistown Paper Co.  P1010497
P1010498 P1010499
P1010500 P1010501
P1010502 P1010503
P1010504Now down at the location of the former Mann Axe plant. P1010505
P1010506 P1010507
P1010508 P1010509
P1010520 P1010521 Looking east from Depot Street. The freight station would have been where the bank drive-through is on the left. 
P1010522 P1010523 Looking west. The head house of the freight station is ahead on the right.
P1010524 P1010525 The passenger station was just ahead on the left.
P1010526 Despite the large freight doors, this building was never rail-served. P1010527
P1010528 P1010529
P1010530 P1010531
P1010532 The "Group One" buildings that remain behind the former freight station location. They were not rail-served. P1010533
P1010534 P1010535
P1010536 P1010537
P1010538 P1010539
P1010540 P1010557 Looking westward from the former S&L line.
P1010558 Looking eastward on the former S&L line. P1010559 Looking westward from the Milroy line.
P1010559 Looking eastward on the Milroy line.