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The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad ran between the Pennsylvania Railroad's Milroy Branch at Reedsvill to Belleville, in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania.It was chartered in 1868 (first time) and again in 1892 (second time) when construction began. Train service commenced in 1893.

In 1928, the KV assumed responsibility to operate passenger service between Reedsville and Lewistown on the PRR Milroy Branch.

Railroad abandoned and sold for scrap to Rochester Iron & Metal Co. in 1940.

 Outstanding Dates of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad b 800x

Locomotive Roster

Number Type Years Comments
1 4-4-0 1892-1901 Named "Belleville", it was built in 1869 by the Northern Central Railway (No. 122). In 1888 it was bought by A. H. Kingm, an engine dealer, and eventually became the property of E. H. Wilson & Co. of Philadelphia, who in turn sold it to the KV for $3,000. It was scrapped sometime after 1901.
 2 4-4-0 1898-1920 Said to have been from the Boston & Maine R.R., this engine was bought for $1,300, and sold for scrap in 1924.
 3 4-4-0 1900-1935 KV's first new engine, bought from the Baldwin Locomotive Works for $8,750. Scrapped in 1935.
 5 4-4-0 1920-1924 Built by Altoona Shops as PRR No. 1015 in 1886. Sold to Bellefonte Central R. R. (No. 5) in 1902, then to KV for $4,700. It was constantly breaking down and was sold for scrap after only four years.
 4 2-6-0 1924-1932 A second-hand locomotive bought in Atlanta, Ga., for $7,400 to replace No. 5. Reported to have been an old engine from the Southern Pacific Railroad. Scrapped in 1932.
6 4-6-0 1928-1940 Bought new from Baldwin for $23,500. Front marker lamps from No 1033 were added in 1932, and an extra generator was installed in 1934 to light ex-B&LE coaches. After abandonment it was sold to South Georgia R. R.
 1033 4-4-0 1930-1940 Built by Altoona Shops in 1905 as class D16B, PRR No. 1033. In 1917, it was superheated and reclassified D16SB. Later it was stored at Hollidaysburg, Pa., where it was bought by KV for $4,000. After abandonment it was thought to hacve been sold to another railroad.
 2082 4-4-0 1936-1940 Built by Altoona Shops in 1904 as class D16B, PRR No. 2082. In 1916, it was superheated and reclassified D16SB. It was operated in N. J. when the KV bought it for $3,000 and was scrapped after abandonment.
Initial source: Jerry Hartzler.


Railcar Roster

Number Type Years Comments
 1   1908-?  KV paid $375 for this "small dimensioned" open motorized handcar primarily used for maintenance. 
2   1911-1918 This railcar was a nbew "Canopy Top" from Fairbanks-Morse & Co. of Chicago, purchased for $932.22. It supplemented train service and ran on Sundays to pick up newspapers and passengers from Reedsville.
3   1928-1940 The KV paid Roy Warner and his son Jimmie $326.36 for building a maintenance and track inspection car from an old Ford truck.
4   1938-1940 Affectionately known as the "Studemotive" this Studebaker car was equipped with flanged wheels and used to replace the daily midday train to Belleville. No expenditure listed.
Initial source: Jerry Hartzler.


Rolling Stock Roster

Number Type Years Comments
 101 Flat 1893-1940? A new "first class" flatcar purchased from the Middletown Car Co. for $305.
1 Combine 1893-1920 Secondhand car bought from Mont Alto R. R. for $950. After retirement it was built into the side of the old engine house and used for storage. It disappeared after the 1925 tornado.
2 Combine/Coach 1895-1932 KV paid $1,100 for this secondhand combine, from the E. H. Wilson Co. of Philadelphia. In 1912, it was rebuilt into a full passenger coach. It was retired in 1932 and used for storage behind the engine house until abandonment.
102  Flat 1898-1909? The KV's second flatcar was also purchased new ($300) from the Middletown Car Co. It or No. 102 [?] disappeared from the roster in 1909. Possibly this one, since it was damaged in at least one accident.
Derrick 1903-1910 The DIA shows a derrick being on the KV roster. This was most likely an old push cart or flatcar with a simple crane attached.
 3 Combine 1908-1940 New combine built for $6,285 by Harlan & Hollingsworth Co. of Wilmington, Del.
 103 Flat 1908-1940 Bought, used, from Wm. Kennedy for $100.
 5 Baggage 1928-1940 An ex-Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore (PRR) car, bought for $400. It was labeled as No. 5 when passenger coach No. 4 was purchased later that year.
Coach 1928-1940 A full passenger coach, possibly 1898 vintage, purchased from PRR for $700. Currently part of a house on Valley Street, Belleville.
Coach 1934-1940 In 1906, Hicks Car Works built coaches Nos. 133 and 139 for the Bessemer & Lake Erie R. R. They were sold to the KV for $850. After abandonment, this car (B&LE No. 139), No. 3 and No. 5, were used as cabins in Lumber City and Reedsville.
Coach 1934-1940 Second B&LE coach (No. 139). This car was cut up and used in a house built in the engine house in 1940.

Initial source: Jerry Hartzler.

Passenger equipment was usually painted Pullman green (olive drab) with dark red trim and gold lettering.


Track Listing

Milepost Location
9.4 Belleville
8.4 Cold Water
7.6 Union Mills
6.9 Gibboney
6.2 Inwood
5.1 Kishacoquillas
4.5 Taylor
3.7 Mt. Hope
2.8 Hooley
2.4 Cedar Hill
0.3 K.V.R.R. Junction
0.0 Reedsville


0005 Train at Belleville b 800x Train at Belleville. 0008 No. 6 Train at Reedsville b 800x No. 6 with train at Reedsville. 0009 Last 3 KV Engines b 800x Last three KV locomotives.
0010 Train Near Union Mills b 800x Train near Union Mills. 0011 First Train to Belleville b 800x First train to Belleville. 0012 First KV Picinic Train No. 1 b 800x First KV Picnic Train No. 1.
0015 Train at Lewistown Junction b 800x Train at Lewistown Junction. 0018 No. 6 on PRR Turntable Lewistown b 800x No. 6 on PRR Lewistown Turntable. 0020 Last Coach Purchased b 800x Last coach purchased.
0021 Home of the K.V.R.R b 800x Home of the KVRR. 0024 Train at Belleville No 2082 b 800x No. 2082 with train at Belleville. 0026 One of the Last KV Trains b 800x One of the last KV trains.
0027 Builders Photo No. 6 b 800x No. 6 builder's photo. 0028 Builders Photo No. 3 b 800x No. 3 builder's photo. 26105326 1760627137310493 2060385840 n
Belleville Flour Mill bellevillekvrr HookandEye
K.V. TImetable June 16 1933 dd
K.V. TImetable June 16 1933 b 800x Kishacoquilla Valley Railroad Reedsville Station 1937 KVRR train at PRR Reedsville station, 1937. kishacoquillas valley railroad 1937 hagley archive KVRR train on Water Street in Lewistown (PRR trackage rights).
Kishacoquillis Valley No. 3 Belleville Pa 7 34 b 800x No. 3 at Belleville. KV No. 6 Train b 800x No. 6 on train. pg046
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