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strates posterStrates Shows, America's only railroad carnival, travels the United States during a seven-month season, transporting personnel and equipment with 61 rail cars and 34 trucks. Traveling with the show are some 400 employees and families who operate the many rides, games and concessions.

Strates Shows has a history dating back to 1923 when James E. Strates, a Greek immigrant, began his first show. Mr. Strates came to America in 1909 and, like many immigrants, worked at a number of odd jobs. In 1919, he joined a carnival athletic show as a wrestler taking on all challengers. In 1923, James E. Strates acquired Southern Tier Shows and in 1932 changed its name to James E. Strates Shows. Mr. Strates continued to build and manage the carnival until his death in 1959. At that time his son, E. James Strates, assumed responsibility for the carnival and still operates it today.

Strates Shows are known to have ridden the rails of the Pennsy during the era being modeled.

Rolling Stock Paint Schemes

Late 1930s:

 Pullman Green with Gold Leaf Lettering
1950s: IMG 4165
Early 1960s: IMG 4166
Mid-1960s-1970s: IMG 4167
Early 1970s: IMG 4168
Late 1980s: IMG 4170
1996: IMG 4171
1997: IMG 4173
2000: IMG 4172


 The 1996 paint scheme was re-adopted.


Wagon Paint Schemes

Through 1961:

Red with White, then Silver lettering

IMG 4175

IMG 4174 

Through 1970s:

Duke Ash multi color and designs

IMG 4176

Through late 1970s:

Red with yellow oval and red number and generators, cream with multi colored lettering.

IMG 4177

1980s into the 1990s:

Basic white with stripes

IMG 4178

Mid 1990s:

Various pastel colors

IMG 4181

Rolling Stock Roster

Unit #   Type   AAR Class   Notes  
JESX 1 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 2 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 3 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 4 Passenger Car PA nee ACL 1116; SAL 4115; RAS
JESX 4 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 5 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 6 Flat Car FC  
JESX 7 Passenger Car PA #7 (1st) HAMBURG, NEW YORK, 2DR-1C-1DB sleeper buffet lounge BE observation, P-S, 1949, ex-#8975 JAMES FRANCIS JONES, exx-PRR #842
JESX 7 Passenger Car PA #7 (2nd), ex-LIRR P72 120 seat non-MU coach #2926, P-S, 1955
JESX 8 Flat Car FC  
JESX 9 Flat Car FC  
JESX 10 Flat Car FC  
JESX 11 Flat Car FC  
JESX 12 Flat Car FC  
JESX 12 Diner PD  
JESX 13 Flat Car FC  
JESX 14 Flat Car FC  
JESX 15 Flat Car FC  
JESX 16 Flat Car FC  
JESX 17 Flat Car FC  
JESX 18 Baggage Car PB  
JESX 19 Flat Car FC  
JESX 20 Flat Car FC  
JESX 21 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 22 Flat Car FC  
JESX 23 Flat Car FC  
JESX 24 Flat Car FC  
JESX 25 Flat Car FC  
JESX 26 Flat Car FC Load Limit: 159300
JESX 27 Flat Car FC  
JESX 28 Flat Car FC  
JESX 29 Flat Car FC  
JESX 30 Flat Car FC  
JESX 31 Flat Car FC  
JESX 32 Flat Car FC  
JESX 33 Flat Car FC  
JESX 34 Flat Car FC  
JESX 35 Flat Car MWF  
JESX 36 Flat Car FC  
JESX 37 Flat Car FC  
JESX 38 Flat Car FC  
JESX 39 Flat Car MWF ramp car
JESX 40 Flat Car FC  
JESX 41 Flat Car FC  
JESX 42 Flat Car FC  
JESX 43 Flat Car FC  
JESX 44 Flat Car FC  
JESX 45 Flat Car FC  
JESX 47 Flat Car FC  
JESX 48 Flat Car FC  
JESX 49 Flat Car FC  
JESX 50 Flat Car FC  
JESX 51 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 52 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 53 Caboose NE  
JESX 54 Flat Car FC  
JESX 55 Flat Car FC  
JESX 56 Flat Car FC Load Limit: 159300
JESX 58 Flat Car FC  
JESX 59 Flat Car FC  
JESX 61 Flat Car FC  
JESX 101 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 102 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 103 Passenger Car PA NE Rail - The Batten Kill Rambler
JESX 104 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 114 Passenger Car PA  
JESX 8975 Passenger Car PA JAMES FRANCIS JONES, 2DR-1C-1DB sleeper buffet lounge BE observation, P-S, 1949, ex-PRR #8427 WILLIAM WALLACE ATTERBURY, exx-#7155
JESX 80718 Flat Car    



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Museum James E Strates Train Heavyweight Coaches 1953 2385 
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The Strates Show in York, Pa., during the 1950s:

strates york