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The James E. Strates Shows

1948 (Scheme) 

Strates 1948

JES train in 1948. [JES]


Strates 2 1948 scheme

#2 in 1948 scheme. 


Stratesville 1 two tone

#5 in 1948 scheme.



Strates train at the siding.1953 Strates coach the Orlando .1953
Strates coaches1953 Strates Shows on the rails1953
Strates Shows train1953 Strates Shows train in 1953
Strates Shows coaches and flats1953 Unloading the flats on the James E. Strates Shows1953
Strates Shows on the flats1953 Strates Shows flats enroute 1953 
Strates unloading 1953 Strates Pepsi wagon1953
Strates coming off the runs1953  Strates on the rails1953
Strates Shows water wagon.1953 Water truck. Strates back lot1953 Back Lot in 1953.
Strates midway 1953The JES midway in 1953. Snake Show on the James E. Strates Shows midway.1953 Snake Pit in 1953.


1950's in York, Pennsylvania

strates york