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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

IMG 2075

The dispatching system on the PRR Middle Division has long been a Windows laptop with two HD (1920x1080) additional displays. Using extended desktop in Windows, I could stretch the JMRI/CATS dispatching panel across the two displays. Although no pixels are "missing" when doing this, the nagging two inch space of the display frames has always been undesirable.


My telework situation is such that I have another pair of HD displays for the work laptop. So desk space was an issue and I couldn't go to, say, a 49" monitor.

Alas, I found the Samsung 32" curved UHD 4K monitor. It retails for $500 and most offer it for $350-400. But this week Costco is selling them for only $279 -- a price I simply could not pass up! I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Saturday.

Now I get a beautiful single-pane of UHD (3840x2160) for my CATS display. It's as wide as before, but twice as tall.

Loving it!

IMG 2074