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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

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Wow, due to many distractions, I overlooked posting a Q1 2023 update, so I guess this one will have to be a six month update!

A lot has gone extremely well on the PRR Middle Division. Here are some highlights:

  • In January I finished the subroadbed of what will eventually be Everett on the Pennsylvania Midland.
  • January-February saw a lot of scenery work at Ryde, the east end of Yeagertown, and Milroy. Additionally, the banks of the Juniata River were constructed at the Granville Bridge. The farm scene at Ryde is largely complete and includes interior lighting in the barn and the house.
  • January 31st, Bowser announced a new run of N5 and N5C cabin cars. I commissioned a special run of N5C #477866, which was assigned to the Lewistown-Mount Union local. Only 50 cars will be run. As of this writing, there are still a few unreserved.
  • In February, I built my first "modern" craftsman kit. Tiny Lou's Grill is from FOScale Models and it has a home serving the steel workers at Yeagertown.
  • March-April, the Lewistown Yard control panels were installed and made operational (see Lewistown Yard Control Panels Finally Functional!).
  • In May, having previously installed LED lighting over some previously unlit areas, I removed the incandescent fixtures from the area above the yard and replaced them with LED lighting. Because the LED strips are "below" the framing, the need for deeper fascia was realized. I have to replace all of the top level 5" fascia with 6" fascia.
  • In June I returned to scenery at Ryde, completing the ballasting and adding ground cover on the aisle side. I am using some static grass for the first time.

So here's what I am working on now...

  • Creating lots of Super Trees for various locations.
  • Completing the Ryde scene, which will include Static Grass and Super Trees.
  • Completing the installation and painting of the replacement fascia.
  • The PRR PRo group ( has selected "wood stations" as their project #40, running July 1-December 31. I have chosen to build the New Freedom Station from American Model Builders. It will represent the similar station at Middleburg, Pa., when that area is finally constructed.
  • QC testing of the Lewistown Yard.
  • Alpha test running of all of the operational jobs; a pre-requisite for a Beta Test ops session.
332863418 584156976669001 7840749160616035414 n Scenery progress at the east end of Yeagertown. 329896954 1334182870704567 5031442496171580979 n Tiny Lou's Grill.
 New control panels at the Lewistown Yard.  
344753470 744863057185621 3258273569615704103 n Lewistown Yard, after the replacement LED lighting was installed. 344812495 202435189230311 5243952275422529699 n
IMG 2881 The fascia replacement project. IMG 2890 For the first time, fascia in front of the Granville Bridge!
IMG 2888 First time for fascia at the Yeagertown mill at Lewistown (3902). IMG 2891 Painting of the laser cut New Freedom Station from American Model Builders. This is for the PRR Pro project.
IMG 2889 Super Trees... can never have enough! Another batch painted and ready for flocking.