PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

Following on the rebuild of the Kishacoquillas Helix. I set out to complete the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad connection, used for staging.

The helix redesign allowed for a redesign of this areas as well, and it will have more functionality in the end.

Departing the Milroy Secondary just west of Reedsville, the KV leads to Belleville in the Great Valley. However, as part of my Pennsylvania Midland Railroad concept, the track arrives in Everett as the PRR Bedford Branch. More on that elsewhere.


This is the location where the Kischocoquillas Valley Railroad disappears into staging. Prior to the helix redesign, the track went across the backdrop on the foreground. Now it ducks through the background and allows an additional five inches of depth for the scene at Milroy. IMG 2743
The view from the other side, looking towards the Milroy Secondary. The swicth machine is pre-installed and the throw wire is visible. The helix may be seen underneath. IMG 2739
The KV passing over the helix. Mainline staging may be seen further below. IMG 2741
The KV will enter Everett as the PRR Bedford Branch on the plywood underneath the cordless drill. The lower level line is the Milroy Secondary coming out of the helix. IMG 2742
The design had one critical clearance point -- where the KV line went over the Milroy Secondary in the helix. This wasn't possible with the original helix design. IMG 2738