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Did something unusual this afternoon... actually worked on the model railroad! Believe it or not, this was the first time I had been engaged in "things trains" -- shows, op sessions, work sessions, etc. -- in over two months!

Let me recap how the year has gone... 

Early in the year I did finish the rebuild of the Kishacoquillas Helix. About the same time a new podiatrist diagnosed that I had complete torn off my anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL).  That's why I have been limping for years. Recently it was causing severe pain. Nobody diagnosed it before. Likely shielded by a previous back injury (repaired in 2009), the rupture likely occurred 15-20 years ago! So I was comtemplating surgery to fix the foot, finally,

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Hold the bus! My daughter developed a severe infection and being hospitalized for several days. That was quickly followed by my own severe cold that last two weeks.

Then my doc noticed elevated creatine in my blood and sent me to a nephrologist. Following an MRI which found a mass in my right kidney, I was forwarded to a urologist. Aparently nephrologists don't perform surgery; urologists do. The following months were filled with lab work, x-rays, another MRI, and CT scans. Finally, on June 13th, I had surgery at Temple University by a rather remarkable Dr. Daniel Eun, renowned for robotic surgery. They believe they got it all and it had not yet spread. No chemo; no radiation. My three month checkup and lab results are in mid-September.

Following surgery, though my recovery went very well, I could not lean over benchwork due to my abdominal incisions healing. Once the healing had occured, I was still too dang tired to do anything once I got home from work.

I was quite distressed a few weeks ago when it was announced that Shinohara was shutting down operations. I've been using Walthers code 83 turnouts, made by Shinohara. I had to scramble to locate enough to complete Lewistown Junction yard. Between M. B. Klein and Train World I was able to find enough.

Today, finally, I got my ass down in the basement. It's amazing how little work gets down when the section supervisor isn't around! Didn't accomplish a ton, but it's a start. I installed a turnout at Kishacoquillas Junction, and two in the eastern end of the Lewistown Junction yard throat. Other than that, some general cleanup and whisking away of some of the cob webs!

I'll get off my soap box now, as I believe I am back on the train!

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