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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


Not a lot to report this quarter, unfortunately. As the image says, time to Re-Focus!

January saw another instance of water in the basement. This time only a half inch. Came up through the sump well. Whether a half inch or a foot, it takes the same amount of time to clean up, which includes bleach-mopping the entire floor.

I did get all of the benchwork built for a replacement helix to get from downtown Lewistown to the Milroy Secondary -- a.k.a. the Kishacoquillas Helix. 

The very next week my daughter was hospitalized with a very bad infection. After that, my mother was in and out of the hospital. Both have recovered.

Fe​bruary started with a bad cold and, after that, I just wasn't motivated to do anything!

Thank goodness for the RPM Valley Forge two weeks ago to snap me out of it! Started off with a great op session at Bob Zeolla's followed by two days of seminars (five tracks) until 11 p.m. Great to catch up with folks like Ramon Rhodes, Ted Pamperin, Eric Hannsman, Mike Rose, Tom Jacobs, Dave Wartell, and James Mattern.

I've returned to the "lower level" and have been laying track​ on the Kish Helix. I'm also inspired by Bob Zeolla's "virtual signals" that he created with JMRI PanelPro and plan to install same on the PRR Middle Division.

Despite the looming yard work, I expect to have a much better report after second quarter!