PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

This quarter was exciting for the division. Two open houses were held -- One in October for the NMRA MER regional convention, the second for The Model Railroad Open House in November.

Final grading (scenery) has been completed for half of the Lewistown Junction main line area -- specifically the stretch from Roundhouse Road crossing to the yardmaster's office. Roundhouse Road was modeled as a dirt road on the recommendation of a descendent of the local farm owner who recalls it was not  tarred and chipped until the 1960s. 

A first op session -- more of a "run" session -- was held on December 9th. John Frantz, Tom Jacobs, and Tedd Pounds put the Milroy Secondary through its paces and left a punch list for me to address.


The helix at the beginning of the Milroy Secondary has been removed. It will be replaced with a "nolix" over the next few weeks (see separate post from last week).

The back story of the Pennsylvania Midland was modified slightly (see separate post from last week).

FaceBook pages have been created for three shortlines affiliated with the Pennsylvania Midland story -- the Bellefonte Central, the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain, and the Kishacoquillas Valley. Having a presence on FaceBook has greatly increased exposure and access to people who know a part of their history.