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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

PM System MapPerhaps unfairly, I didn't warn my constituents that The Belleville Epiphany was going to have a sequel...

The helix removal and nolix replacement will facilitate a design change for the Pennsylvania Midland, which interchanges with the Milroy Secondary at Reedsville. 

I've updated the backstory of the Pennsylvania Midland, adjusting the route of the southern end of the bridge line. It now goes directly to Cumberland rather than Hancock.


What is amazing to me, is that the original and current routes that I conjured up based on topographic maps were actually considered by the real railroads which I involved. I just finished reading The Railroad That Never Was, about the South Penn. We all think about the New York Central in that story. In fact, the Baltimore & Ohio and Reading were heavily involved; and even the Western Maryland. The B&O had actually surveyed a route from Hancock to Everett.

Anyway, back to the design. The area formerly planned to represent Belleville will now represent Everett. It will interchange cars with the PRR via Bedford, though the PRR side of the interchange will continue to be Reedsville.

Everett will feature local interchange with the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain as well as The Penn Family Lines. As previously planned, bridge traffic will see numerous trains a day featuring the B&O, NYC, Reading, and WM.

Everett should be a really cool position to operate.

Further down the road, likely years from now, I hope to occupy further space in the "office" area to represent Flintstone, Md., where there is a large limestone quarry.