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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

IMG 2890

The summer is drawing to a close and I find myself facing More Yard Work!

Actually, with the recent announcement that Walthers Shinohara code 83 track production was drawing to a close, I expedited purchase of the last turnouts needed to complete the Lewistown Junction yard. Over the past few weeks I have completed all of the "through track" installation. Only trackage in the MoW yard and roundhouse remain, and all of their turnouts have been in place.


The above view is the west end of the yard, looking eastward. Below is a view from the middle of the yard looking eastward.

IMG 2891

With all of this work going on in the yard, I packed up all of my rolling stock to prevent damage and to provide better visibility of the task at hand.

Now comes the wiring. I have drilled holes for all of the connections and marked them with painter's tape (so I don't miss any). Looks like 40 pairs of drops to solder and connect. Below is a westward view.

IMG 2892