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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

 IMG 1806

On the PRR Middle Division in HO Scale, the branch side of Lewistown (XA) has been declared operational. Part of the Lewistown Secondary, this is the final "missing link" of through track and trains can now traverse from the main line at Lewistown all the way to Milroy at the end of the Milroy Secondary.

In the above image, an H10s is making its way towards the junction.


"QC" (Quality Control) op sessions are just around the corner. Full op sessions will likely start around the first of the year as there is still a lot of prep work to complete -- crew documentation, car cards, waybills, etc.

In the image below, you can see the turntable being test fit into the benchwork. The roundhouse was scratch built by the late Joe Henry Kline. Your eyes aren't deceiving you... the roundhouse looks like a mismatch for the turntable size. In fact, the Lewistown turntable was enlarged twice while keeping the original roundhouse intact. As a result, tracks within the building are not centered in the stalls as one would expect.

You can also see progress on the installation of roadbed with photo copies of turnouts in place. The "west end" service lead should be operational in a few weeks.

 IMG 1798