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The Chief Engineer reports mixed progress this quarter.

All QC issues with trackwork and turnouts in the Lewistown Yard have been resolved. In one very frustrating scenario, a diverging route was generating constant shorts, with no visible sign of cause. Out of frustration, the rail was removed from the ties and manually replaced. Fixed the issue. Go figure!


A field trip to Lewistown was completed in July, with Lewistown native Dan Cupper. Together we measured many of the structures along the Lewistown Secondary. We also visited his grandmother's former house, on the S&L line, and it will be featured on the model railroad!

Third quarter's major project was to be the control panel in the yard pit. That never panned out. The quarter ended with a complete shutdown for vacation. While out and about, I did visit and learn about the Bermuda Railway.

There should be substantial progress on the control panel yet in October. Supplied have been acquired and I have a state holiday on the 14th, totally allocated to the project. Stay tuned!

Construction has not yet begun on the gauntlet track and track scale, which remain the most major impediment to operations.

Here is the full Report of the Chief Engineer.

P.S. Gotta get operating in time for #TomStock2020 -- if you are a listener of AML!