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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

 IMG 3891

The Chief Engineer reports much better progress this quarter, especially in the Lewistown Yard. Ballast has been completed between the tracks, on the tracks of the main line arrival/departure yard, and the branch arrival/departure tracks.

In the image above, the four tracks at upper left are the main line tracks. In the distance above center is the main line arrival departure yard. Left to right, then, are 11 classification tracks. They have not been ballasted yet. Then two branch arrival/departure tracks, and finally a thoroughfare track.

The ballast project is expected to take a few more weeks. After that, control panels for the yard turnouts. Switch machines are already in; wiring remains.

The heat is on to get these two tasks completed so that rolling stock may go back onto the railroad in time for several planned events. In June, the Middle Division plans to host an open house for #TomStock2020, an event held by the Modeler's Life podcast fan group, in June. September is the Main Line Hobby open house tour and in November the Model Railroad Open House tour.

The plan is to keep the railroad operational continuously moving forward. Op sessions not too far off!

Here is the full Report of the Chief Engineer.