PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

It's been a very productive quarter on the Middle Division. We are getting closer and closer to completing the missing link -- the scale track at Lewistown. Once completed and installed, the yard will connect with the branch and we can start looking forward to operations!

 The Paint & Lettering department procured a new laser printer and, with Ghost White toner, can now print custom decals.

The paint shops of the Pennsylvania Midland applied their new paint scheme to three Alco S-2's and four cabeese. Four Alco RS-3's and two Alco RSD-5's are expected soon.

Numerous structures were completed, including a representation of Dan Cupper's grandmother's home. Others include a coal yard, and a power distribution facility.

A new offline staging/storage solution was implemented, thanks to the a tip from Chris Adams, a fellow AML listener.

The Middle Division also received lashups of EMD F3's and F7's.

On May 30th, I presented "POTUS on Pennsy" as part of the NMRA-X online convention. This presentation was planned for the PRRT&HS annual meeting in State College, which was cancelled. The presentation covers the transport of the president by rail and takes a deep dive on a trip from 1953 from Washington to State College. You can replay the presentation on the NMRA's free YouTube channel.

Not related to the model railroad, a DJI Mavic Mini drone was acquired. I recently captured some Norfolk Southern footage from high above the former Reading CAPITOL interlocking tower. Should be posted on my YouTube channel soon.

Here is the full Report of the Chief Engineer.