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In preparation for operations, I continue to test, test, test the mainlines and the trains thereon. I'm also converting all of my advanced consist addresses to best match the train symbol itself. Seems more logical than picking a random two digit number. For passenger trains, it is simply the train number. For freights, drop the prefix (e.g. "VL-9" becomes "9"). Believe it or not, there was only one conflict!

A quarter later and I am STILL installing resistors on car axles to enable detection! I am doing several dozen a week and I foresee another five weeks to go. As I am testing each car, I am assigning waybills for car movement. Each waybill is mapped into a spreadsheet to ensure that all customers within scope have all of their car needs met.

Last quarter I had mentioned that, with the exception of the yard control panels, I have finished replacing the local panels from using Barrett Hill Touch Toggles to using their Cup Toggles. I've been holding off on the yard boards because they are coming out with a new Matrix Controller that mimics what a "diode matrix" did back in the day. I just learned this week that the board design has been finalized and is in production. This is my other impediment to operations. Once I get the boards in, control panels fabricated and installed, we should be ready for a shakedown session!

This week I received and installed 30 cushioned "floor tiles" from Lowe's. Wow, what a difference on the feet! I like them so much I ordered another batch!

Also, watch for two open house announcements for the fall:

Till the next train out...

IMG 1728 Flats and a few tank cars pending resistor installation for detection. IMG 1727 Another case of gondolas and box cars pending installation of resistors. IMG 1729 Box cars that have already received resistors and are ready for use...
IMG 1730 ...and tank cars... IMG 1731 ...and reefers and covered hoppers. IMG 1732 Bins into which I will temporarily place the content of initial trains, as cars are assigned. 
IMG 1740 Installation of foam tiles on the floor. IMG 1741 They are 5/8" thick. IMG 1742 Aaahhhh!!