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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

I am looking forward to a full weekend of benchwork construction this weekend. My suburban is already loaded with the wood. The cool basement will be welcome given the heatwave the east coast is currently experiencing.

One of my favorite photos from the N scale layout... staged traffic on the Sherman's Creek bridge at Duncannon. The new HO layout will have a similar bridge just west of Lewistown.


image unavailable

The upper level of the current stretch of benchwork is already pretty much complete. I even have backdrop installed and painted blue. This benchwork is fully suspended with no support from underneath. I've wired light fixtures underneath to light the main level. I've initially installed "Daylight" temperature CFL's (compact flourescent lights) but they may actually be too "white". I'll make that judgment once I have the main level benchwork in place with some models staged.

So this weekend I'll put in the lower level benchwork for much of Phase I. Unfortunately, then nothing until the winter as I have much to do outdoors. The family storage needs -- under the benchwork of Phase I -- have afforded me the justification to get some of the construction completed during the summer months.

The overall plan continues to form. I think I worked out the last "missing link" of the main line this morning. Once I measure and confirm all will fit the way I have imagineered it, then I'll need a CMR/I consult with Jeff Warner, a local guru. Plan, plan, plan... then build!

I'm pretty excited about the upper level of Phase I. The locale of Yeagertown will afford me early switching opportunities ("play value") as well as a sceniced location for photography. A sense of continued progress is important, as I learned with the N scale Eastern Region.

Benchwork photos soon...