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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society (PRRT&HS) held its 51st annual meeting May 15-19 in Lancaster, Pa. The event was hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter. Attendance was over four hundred.

‚ÄčThe event kicked off on Wednesday evening with several hours of movies. I live too close to warrant a hotel, but too far to warrant the extra trip in, so I did not attend the first night.

The event kicked into full gear on Thursday, with concurrent sessions running from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. with breaks for lunch and dinner. There were 24 unique clinics with most presented twice, so it was relatively easy to work out a schedule.

Peter Forbes treated us to the development and operation of LCL-1, the Pennsy's first, expedited LCL train. Eldon Gatewood provided a dissertation on freight car appliances, geared towards the modeler. Andy Rubbo demonstrated his knack for catenary which earned him the nickname "The Mad Man of Metuchen!"

The vendor room seemed less than spectacular for the second yesr in a row, though MicroMark attended. The highlight for many was Funaro & Camerlengo who released a new Pennsy F25 flat car kit.

The model room was a bit sparse this year, but had some gems. Gus Minardi detailed a beautiful rendition of the 1958 THE GENERAL with amazing interior details. Kirk Fisher displayed many tower models.

There were three model railroad open houses Friday night, of which I attended two (see below).

The highlight of Saturday was the banquet in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania -- over four hours with fellow foamers! The sculpted ice (see below) and choclolate mouse desert (above) were highlights.

On Sunday there around 10 open houses, of which I attended one (see below). The Columbia group has created a marvelous rendition of... Columbia!

I cannot imagine that any other railroad society offers an event of this magnitude.

cupper and britton

The annual meeting is always a good time to catch up with friends. Here I am with Dan Cupper. (Dan Cupper photo.)

IMG 3461Clinics are the order of the day. Elden Gatewood enlightened modelers to the intricacies of freight car appliances.

 The Model Room:

IMG 3426Gus Foster's Frankford Junction tower. IMG 3427Gus Foster's Frankford Junction tower.
Kirk Fisher took home the Bob Yagodich award for excellence in modeling for his Pennsy tower collection... IMG 3429Kirk Fisher's BANKS tower.
IMG 3431Kirk Fisher's MIFFLIN tower. IMG 3433Kirk FIsher's LEWIS tower.

IMG 3435

Kirk Fisher's PORT tower.

IMG 3439Kirk Fisher's JACKS tower.

IMG 3441

Yank Yankalonis built the one and only X30 used for fire engine transport.

IMG 3448Richard Collins presented a collection of F30A flat cars with tank loads.
 Gus Minardi took home "Best of Show" for his depiction of the 1948 THE GENERAL...
IMG 3460
IMG 3459
IMG 3455Gus Minardi's THE GENERAL. IMG 3456Gus Minardi's THE GENERAL.
IMG 3457Gus Minardi's THE GENERAL.  

Short Line Model Railroad Club

Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

IMG 3465
IMG 3468 IMG 3464

Elizabethtown Model Railroad Club

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

IMG 3469The O gauge model railroad.
IMG 3470The N scale model railroad. IMG 3471Not just model railroads!
IMG 3473The HO scale model railroad. IMG 3477Nice scene!


At the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

IMG 3491

IMG 3490
IMG 3493 IMG 3495
IMG 3497 IMG 3498

Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Columbia, Pennsylvania

IMG 3499
IMG 3500 IMG 3501
IMG 3511 IMG 3512
IMG 3503Panoramic view of Columbia.