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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale


Over the past few weeks I have encountered some "bizarre" power and LocoNet issues, without having changed anything on the layout. I have multiple LocoNet segments, and I could not keep them all connected concurrently. Even my LocoNet repeater wasn't working properly.

At one point I wondered if it might be the CMOS battery in my DCS 100 command stations. I replaced them; no help.


Even though my 20-year-old DCS 100 seemed otherwise viable, I opted to order a new DCS 240. It arrived today and was a quick swap. Amazingly, all of my issues went away!

Two features that really attracted me were the extra LocoNet connector and the USB connector for my JMRI computer.

While not required in my situation, the DCS 240 also supports up to 400 locomotives and throttles. It also eliminates the CMOS battery dependency.