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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

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Boy did I miss an opportunity on April 1st! No, I am not changing eras! I've always been a fan of intermodal and planned to have a modern intermodal train for kicks. Won't be on the layout regularly. I went on a binge the last few weeks and filled out a train with 12 wells and four flats. I have a ScaleTrains ET44AC Tier 4 GEVO coming this summer.

For some time I have also had a RoadRailer train hidden from view. Though RoadRailers left Pennsylvania in 2015, I always thought they were pretty cool. Eventually I'll do a short Amtrak train to represent the Pennsylvanian. If I ever get there, I may model the original AutoTrain; all of the correct cars are available.

Anyway, back to the reality of the 1950s. Been tackling a bunch of small projects gearing up towards operating sessions. Working on qualifying cars and testing track with continuous run trains on the branch. (Need a little more progress on the pandemic that will hit us in 70 years.)

A lot of time lately has gone into building up 10 Sylvan PRR 26' Fruehauf trailers in anticipation of the Rapido F30D flat cars that are due in Q3. These little buggers have 15 decals each, they are cheap decals, and the surface is corrugated. Not at all fun. In the end, though, I will have a correct 1954 LCL train. The LCL trains ran trailers at the front followed by merchandise/forwarder cars.

I'm passing on the Rapido X31's and GLA's as I already have enough and a few nicer cars honestly won't stick out in the overall picture. Rapido's got another PRR car coming, which ought to arrive about the time I complete some resin kits already in progress. Oh well!

In short time I will be installing switch machines in downtown Lewistown. Need them before ops so switches don't drift.

Shout out to Dave Rohrbaugh who just announced that his South Penn railroad will be ceasing operations. Dave is a fine modeler and friend. I will miss operating at his place.

Here is the full Report of the Chief Engineer.