PENNSYRR.COM by Jerry Britton

Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

The PRR Middle Division continues to recovery from the wrath of Mother Nature...

On August 9th, lightning struck a tree just 50' or so from the headquarters of the railroad (Catastrophe!). The surge travelled through the ground and foundation and caused significant damage to the electronics of the railroad. Then, later in the month, Hurricane Ida dumped 7" of rain in the area, resulting in a shallow pool of water in the basement of headquarters. Furthermore, a 70' tree uprooted and fell across the driveway just in front of the headquarters building, causing significant effort to remove it.


Recovery efforts (Recovery Update) are continuing, but there is no end in sight. As each component is replaced, it yeilds whether or not the next downstream component works or not. Replacement power supplies, command station, and booster are in place, and the Milroy Secondary is back in service. However, it appears that all UP5 throttle panels were fried. Replacements are on order and they will be re-wired with a dedicated power bus and LocoNet bus (separate from the detection bus).

With the main line out of service, it remains to be determined if there is any damage to stationary decoders, switch machines, and/or detection boards. A blown transformer on one of the detection boards was cause for pessimism. Troubleshooting will require a "divide and conquer" approach, as will the Lewistown Secondary.

Switch controls for local panels are on order. Upon arrival and replacement, it will be known if there was damage to any of the actual switch machines. A spot-check a few weeks ago was cause for optimism.

As of this writing, the railroad should have been preparing for a November open house... as well as op sessions. I suspect they are about six months out.