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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

PRR 9430 on Milroy Branch

In planning my Lewistown-based model railroad, I have noted photos and other references to locomotives working the area. Early on, Dan Cupper, author and railroad historian and a Lewistown native, told me he remembered seeing Baldwin DS-4-4-1000's #'s 9129 and 9130 during the 1960s.

In "Pennsylvania Railroad | Diesel Locomotive Pictorial | Volume 2 - Baldwin Switchers and Road Switchers" by John D. Hahn, Jr., he noted the DR 4-4-1000's -- PRR class BS10am -- were delivered in May of 1950. As of 1957, four of the six (#'s 9429-9434) were assigned to the Pittsburgh Division. It is worth noting that the Middle Division was absorbed into the Pittsburgh Division as of a 1956 reorganization.

Peter Muto, a fellow modeler, found the above photo of #9430 on the internet and suspected it was on the Milroy Secondary. From my field experience, if it was indeed the Milroy Secondary, I suspect it was taken at Reedsville, looking railroad-west, with the mountain of Manns Narrows in the background.

Although I had overlooked it, he pointed out that the Hahn book, on page 98, read "Equipped with cab signals and a radio, 9432 is at Philadelphia on May 21, 1966. The unit, along with 9429-9431, had spent many years working out of Lewistown, PA in pairs (the units were equipped with MU on the cab end only) on the Milroy Branch, before heading east as the PRR concentrated its Baldwin fleet in Philadelphia."

Kudos to Peter for this excellent information!