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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

IMG 2173
Equipment acquired from Paul Backenstose.

The PRR Middle Division in HO Scale has substantially increased its equipment roster through the month of October.

Over the years, the railroad has accumulated Pennsy locomotives and rolling stock as it has been produced, as well as limited run foreign road equipment. With operations now on the horizon, it was time to beef up the interchange roster.

I went to the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium on October 7th, knowing that Ken McCorry was selling off much of his 1950s equipment. I acquired eight freight cars from Ken.


At that show I learned that Paul Backenstose was moving his Western Maryland layout to the 1970s and was also selling off a lot of his 1950s equipment. A dozen freight cars from Paul joined the roster!

On the calendar for some time was the estate sale of good friend Bob Martin, who passed last December. The op crew was invited in for a private sale on October 19th. It was great to have the crew all together again, even though many of us continue to operate on Dave Rohrbaugh's South Penn and Dave Trone's West Penn railroads. The lead photo is from an op session on Bob's layout.

From Bob's collection, I added 22 freight cars, including a dozen tanks and several of his CPRR (Central Pennsylvania Rail Road) cars. I also snagged a lashup of CPRR F3 locomotives.

Back to printing car cards!

IMG 2174

Equipment acquired from Ken McCorry.


IMG 2175

Equipment acquired from the estate of Bob Martin.