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Jerry Britton's PRR Middle Division in HO Scale

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As evidenced by the many articles I have written about Pennsy TrucTrain service and its successor, Trailer Train Corp. (now TTX), I've always been a fan of intermodal. Many don't realize that the Pennsylvania Railroad was the primary party behind the formation of Trailer Train.

During my stint in N scale, I worked with Alan Curtis Models to develop the F30D flat car kit. This was the initial flat car used for TOFC service on the Pennsy, in 1954. Alan retired, but the kits are still available through N Scale Kits and the decals from MicroScale.


In 2008 I began the switch back to HO scale, so I was absolutely thrilled when Rapido announced that they would be doing the F30D configured for TOFC service. They are due in Q3 of 2021 and I have many on order.

So the next question was, what trailers could I run on them? Rapido announced both 35' and 40' trailers. While I am thrilled for the masses, I needed earlier trailers, since my era stops at 1955.

I went with the PRR 26' Fruehauf trailer from Sylvan Scale Models. These are resin kits. It is worth noting that CA doesn't even work on them until you clean them with a special wash that Sylvan sells. CA worked fine after this cleaning. I painted the trailers -- 10 of them -- Freight Car Color, with the wheels being a brighter red. And then the decals... poor quality and 15 per trailer. The long diagonal decal on the sides were particularly troublesome going over the corrugated surface!

After the difficult decal work was complete, it almost hurt to hit them with weathering. I used powders.

Rapido... bring on the flats!