Introduced 1957
Base Color Pastel blue
Letterboard (base)
Windowband (base) 
Lower Band (base) with dark blue stripe below windows
Lettering Dark blue
Car Name Location Upper center below windows
Car Number

Simple number at each end in dark blue

Roof Silver (or perhaps white)
Other Notes Goldsack noted the cars included the car names of the towns the carnival was scheduled to attend. This may have been the first scheme to feature car names (other than #1).



Strates train 1957maybe
The accompanying article, dated May 1957, confirms the paint scheme and the car names: Raleigh, Syracuse, York, Hamburg, Shelby, Florence, Clearfield, Charleston, Charlotte, Danville, Elmira, Corning, Binghamton, and Stratesville. [Passenger Car List] Strates sleepers 1950s

Stratesville 1 two tone

#1, STRATESVILLE, in "modified" (?) 1957 scheme.



#4, YORK.


Possibly HAMBURG, as it was named in1963, 1966, 1967.


Possibly CLEARFIELD, as it was named in1966, 1967, 1970.


No car on record until 1959 (6-3).


Possibly DANVILLE, as it was named in 1963, 1966; though ANDERSON in 1967 and YORK in 1970.


Possibly SHELBY, as it was named in 1963; though WINSTON-SALEM in 1967, 1970.

Strates 10 1957


FLORENCE, 1957 scheme. [Mike Kopischke]

Strates 11 two tone

#11, CHARLESTON, in 1957 scheme.


No car on record until 1959 (6-3).

#13, CORNING.  #14