Cardboard mesh framing for the Mann's Narrows mountains.

You may have noticed in the background of photos posted a few weeks ago that I was starting to build the shape of the mountains for Mann's Narrows out of foam.

This was my first use of foam. I had purchased some 2" thick and 3/4" thick sheets and had built up a few layers. I started carving and decided it was not for me! I think foam is a perfect medium for small areas and perhaps "trivial" hills -- as well as for keeping things light for a portable layout -- but it wasn't giving me the control and the feel that I was hoping for.

To be honest, the last time I built mountains was as a teenager. Back then it was a window screen frame with shredded newspaper and glue made with flour and water! We've all been there, right?

I decided to go with the more standard cardboard mesh framework -- to receive a plaster covering. I reviewed videos of a few plastering "recipes". They are all similar when it comes down to it, but they each have their own traits. I also consulted Bob Martin, who has some of the best mountain scenery I have seen.

I now have the web in place for the mountains on the far side of the right-of-way. Plaster will come over the next few weeks.

More photos here.