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Nothing better than a holiday without family plans, and Columbus Day was one of them. A whole day in the train room!

The first task at hand was installation in the fascia of a Digitrax UR-91 radio receiver and a Logic Rail Technologies LocoNet Fast Clock. May seem like a simple task, but it took a lot more effort than I had anticipated to make it look good. Also had to provide power to both, home-runned to the UPS system at the Power Desk. Had to also run a LocoNet home run back to the Power Desk.

Next task was to install a cross-brace and mount barrier strips behind where two fascia-mounted control panels will be located in Yeagertown.

This overview of Yeagertown shows its current status. A coat of primer has been applied to the fascia (and car card boxes, not shown). The openings in the fascia are where the control panels will be mounted. There are 19 turnouts in Yeagertown!

Finally, I installed JMRI 3.0 and confirmed successful operation. My old installation was several years old. Microsoft was kind enough to remind me that I had 24 updates to install... I don't use this computer for anything else, so it's been sitting dormant for some time!

Within a few weeks Yeagertown will be released to the Operating Department as it will be ready for full use.