Undaunted by Hurricane Sandy bearing down on central Pennsylvania, I made use of the Governor's closure of the state to work on the turnout control wiring in Yeagertown.

This past weekend at the Timonium show I picked up wiring connectors for Tortoise switch machines. Though these add to the cost per turnout, they allow you to perform all of the wire soldering on the bench and then slip the connector over the card edge of the switch motor. It also allows you to more easily swap out a switch machine without having to resolder anything.

The photo shows one such connector on a Tortoise. Two wires feed the orientation of the turnout, two more provide the feed for the frog, and the sole wire going the opposite direction from the switch motor actually feeds the frog. 

All the wires were fed back to the barrier blocks at the control panels where they are now secured and ready for hookup.

I was able to get both Yeagertown East and Yeagertown West completed -- 17 turnouts -- in about three hours.